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Read this article and you will find some exciting details that will help you Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post.

Want to share your bitcoin expertise? Do you know the idea of ​​investing in Bitcoin? When looking for a popular website portal to post Bitcoin-related articles, you find Review Interview to be your first choice.

Examviews is a portal that shares information on various types of cryptocurrencies. After verifying the demand of our audience, we want authors to write guest posts for us on Bitcoin Blog. But we suggest that aspiring writers follow our terms and conditions before starting writing for us to get traffic from us.

Get to know us: Portal!

Examviews is a dynamic portal that shares various types of information with our audience across the globe. We mainly deliver exclusive articles to our audience so that they can read our articles and update us. Now follow some of our exclusive articles below.

  • We do news where we try to discuss the latest happenings in the world with our audience.
  • We also provide the best cryptocurrency information to our audience through our crypto articles.
  • We want authors to add more details to our crypto section, starting with the Bitcoin Right for Us content.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Posting:

  • Word count should be 500 to 1000 words.
  • Content must have a grammar score of more than 97%.
  • We want authors to keep their keyword density at 1%.
  • Don’t forget to mention internal and external links while writing the article.
  • When preparing content for the exam, try to avoid filler words. Articles must have subheadings and each paragraph cannot exceed 70 words.
  • Try to keep your Write for Us + Bitcoin Blog Submission spam score between 1% and 3% before submitting.
  • Try to choose interesting titles; Characters must be in the range of 65.
  • You don’t need to use the same information twice; You can add more information.
  • Try to use active voice when writing your content. Please no more than 5% will be accepted.
  • Always use the Copyscape Premium tool to ensure that the content you post is completely original.

Advantages of Bitcoin Blog “Write for Us”:

  • Using our portal, you can easily attract organic traffic.
  • If you create SEO-optimized content, your article will automatically start ranking.
  • After you start posting articles on our portal your website domain authority and page authority will increase.
  • Examviews has more than ten thousand active users which will help in lead generation.

Topics Used in Bitcoin Content:

  1. Who was the inventor of Bitcoin?
  2. The Future of Bitcoin?
  3. What year did bitcoin start?
  4. What is the price of bitcoin recently?
  5. Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin


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