Have you heard about the Janebradley.com trading platform? A supposed cryptocurrency trading platform? You must be careful! It is a scam. This article Janebradley.com Reviews tell about all things you need to know.

This is not a genuine USDT trading platform. It is designed by crooks whose aim is to lure and deceive unsuspecting individuals. Many people have reported being scammed by this malicious website.

GeneBradley 2022 – How Does This Scam Work?

It is a scam website designed by scammers and claims to be an online platform that allows merchants, customers and traders to transact with digital currency. It allows its users to create their own crypto wallet and buy or sell cryptos like Ethereum USDT, Bitcoin USDT, etc. By logging into their bank account.

Don’t you dare click on the site. Once you click and provide your email address and contact number, they will call you immediately and promise to do everything to get your money back as soon as possible. Make no mistake about it. Everything is a scam!

How to identify fake USDT platforms:

USDT Logo: The original USDT logo is green, however, the counterfeit logo is grey.

Fully Diluted Market Cap: This is the most important way to detect fake transactions. If after clicking on the USDT symbol you are unable to find the market capitalization that has completely decreased.


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