What is Time Deji Fight

Are you a boxer Then you will definitely be curious about the boxing match between Wasabi and Deji.

In particular, it relates to the United Kingdom and the United States. This was the first “YouTube Boxing Match” since the outbreak.

But all eyes are on Daisy Olatunji as Olatunji lost the last two matches against Jack Paul and Winnie the Pooh. In such a scenario, fans are waiting for the victory in his upcoming boxing match.

What do you know about the fight?

According to our research, March 5 will help in the fight. It is so popular that even boxing fans in countries like Ireland and Canada are curious about the tournament.

But there are two sides to the conflict. While Daisy is a very experienced boxer, Wasabi will make her debut in the boxing world with Match.

According to our research, Wasabi’s real name is Alex Buris. Our analysis also shows that Alex is a famous YouTuber and US citizen.

Now people are wondering how Alex Olatunji will be challenged.

About What is Time Deji Fight

Our expert research reveals some important facts about the fish. The boxing match will take place at “Arena SSE”, Wembley.

The match will be available on the Shostar website. Australian fans are also watching the game on this site.

Anyone can play a match with only £ 36 per source. The spectators can also sit in the arena to watch the match. It will cost around £ 146.

According to our sources, the match is scheduled for 6 pm at Wembley, London. So get ready for the game.

Time Deji Fight – What’s the rule?

Our sources also look for some rules and regulations related to fights.

  • Both fighters will not wear any protective headgear.
  • Soldiers will wear “OZ12” gloves for battle.
  • Lap time is two minutes. It will be a five-inning match. But the other matches will be in four rounds.
  • Our research also shows that the Fight Card match will help Phase Temper and another fight between King Kenny, Kristen Hanby and Vitali and Minion and Corleone.

It’s Daisy Fight time.

New trends
Both are very popular among boxer fans. So it is clear that the fans are literally crazy about this fight.

All predict the outcome of the battle. But Daisy’s last two performances have left Daisy fans a little confused.

In such a situation, everyone is waiting for the evening of March 5.


We’ve brought you your favorite games, Exam, and apps review. On this website (Examviews) we always share high-quality apps games and reviews. Our sources have revealed that the two fighting players have already started a war of words against each other, and fans are taking advantage of this as conditions for the match are heating up.

So from now on, boxing fans are ready to watch What Time Desi Fight match on Saturday night.

Written by Patna Motihari

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