Airbnb Kiev Scam

Want to know more about the Airbnb Kiev Scam and what if it’s a scam? Then read on and get details about it below.

Do you know the popular news on Airbnb Kiev Scam? Well, you can know the news through the information given below.

The scam is reported mostly in the US and UK and there are reports of money being taken from PayPal or bank accounts.

It has been noticed that the Airbnb Kyiv scam did not deceive many people for their bookings.

What’s the news

The news is about Airbnb Kiev and people have recently started booking on the platform. Unfortunately, many people have been charged for non-refundable reservations, and users have also reported effects on existing accounts.

But, Airbnb confirms the allegations which may be but they have different incidents and Airbnb Kiev platform does not compromise. In addition, the systems are robust and a team constantly strengthens security.

The Airbnb Kiev helps to know that company spokesperson Charlie Urbanik mentioned in the email that users were affected by the phishing email and were deceived.

Although some accounts have been found to have compromised login credentials, the Airbnb team has resolved the issue by making three non-refundable reservations in Kiev.

The hacker canceled the reservation and deleted the account in 2 minutes. After that, the account was no longer accessible and Lady Alice asked the ARBNB team for help.

Key points related to the Airbnb Kyiv scandal:

  • Many users use the site to make reservations.
  • Many of them had problems recently and complained of scams.
  • In addition, another North Carolina woman, Rachel Sheerin, reported that some edits had been made to the allegations and that her account had been deleted. He provided this information through an email interview.
  • Also, after this account was deleted and inaccessible, his credit card was charged three times 1,500.
  • When she tried to access the help center, she couldn’t because the account had been deleted.

Opinions about the Airbnb Kyiv scandal:

Examination of the details on the internet and comments from users on Twitter show that the scam is real.

Many users were tricked and tried to get help through the app, but failed. But the Twitter comments prompted ARBNB to take action and repay those who had to face the scam. However, users have stated that they will not use Airbnb because it is difficult to contact them.


We’ve brought you your favorite games, Exam, and apps review. On this website (Examviews) we always share high-quality apps games and reviews. There have been numerous reports of scams on Airbnb, and the company hasn’t responded to users. As a result, Airbnb Kiev Scam is real. Are you familiar with online scams? Then, do share your experiences in the comments.

Written by Patna Motihari

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