This is a moment of extreme bravery. A few years ago, we all saw the video of Tampa Bay Rays third baseman and All-Star Evan Longoria hitting a fly ball from one of his Rays teammates to ESPN’s Kenny Maye during which someone’s life happened with your bare hands practice.

We were all impressed with Ivan’s extremely quick reaction time and his confident ability to catch the ball with his bare hands. Not to mention its impressive popularity. We were all shocked and the video went viral.

Unfortunately, none of that was true. In a brilliant move by Gillette’s marketing team, immediately after filming the commercial starring Evan Longoria, which lasted for a few hours, they asked Evan to film a very short video of 1-2 minutes which would be filmed only with the help of a handheld camera. Stadium lighting without additional preparation.

What things made it disappear?

For one thing, the Gillette logo is plastered all over the background elements of the video. The video was filmed at McKenney Field in Florida which has never had so many Gillette signs.

Knowledge of the game of baseball is another gift. BP’s usual safety cage, which prevents players from running across the field to collect missed balls, is nowhere to be seen. There must be at least one catcher and there isn’t one.

More importantly, there is no safety net to protect the pitcher, which MLB teams would never do during BP. Who would have thought then that years later this low-production video would be seen by millions more people than the actual ad?

Evan Longoria Catch Real or Fake

Evan Longoria Real or Fake one-handed catch has gone viral again

A few years ago, a video surfaced of baseball player Evan Longoria saving a reporter’s life by catching a ball with his bare hands. The video has since gone viral again and was trending on Facebook all weekend, but according to Snopes, it was part of a Gillette commercial shoot and is believed to be completely fake.

“I shot an actual Gillette commercial for about six or seven hours that day and heard a few things about it. But it took me two minutes with a handheld camera to capture the footage of me catching the ball there,” Evan said. “It’s crazy. That’s how people get famous on YouTube. You put up a video that goes viral and before you know it, over a million people have watched it.

Amazing open-hand grip
That catch initially gained widespread attention in 2011, highlighting Longoria’s lightning-quick reaction when he intercepted a foul ball flying toward a reporter. The daring act was viewed millions of times and Longoria received much praise for her brave act.

The rise of an online sensation
In November 2021, the video initially garnered an impressive 10 million views, firmly establishing itself as an online sensation. Over time, their popularity grew, reaching a staggering 19 million views by April 2023.

Longoria was given hero status
Longoria’s extraordinary catch earned him hero status in the eyes of many. He was admired not only for his baseball skills but also for his courage in the face of unexpected dangers. The video cemented Longoria’s reputation as a quick-thinking athlete who was willing to go the extra mile to protect others.

Evan Longoria Catch


A viral video of Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays making a spectacular catch during a press interview is the most shared and trending video on YouTube, In the clip, Longoria is back at home plate as a line drive ball scries down the baseline. The third baseman spins and flicks the ball with his bare hand just before it hits the reporter’s head:

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Written by Patna Motihari

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