This article shares more details about the protest and the reason behind the Wewontgo Back Com announcement. Are you aware of the recent protests against the right to abortion? Do you know the reason for people’s opposition? If not, be aware of the conflict.

The American people are opposed to the Supreme Court. So there was confusion in the court. So, in today’s article, we will discuss in more detail the abolition of abortion rights and the slogan Wewontgo Back Com. Read the following blog.


The Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the right to abortion has created panic among the people. Public outcry and protest are being expressed in court to overturn the decision in favor of revoking the right to abortion. People are saying that the government can change the law only by appealing to the Supreme Court.

The protest incident has become the most viral news on the internet today. People are constantly sharing this news on social platforms. According to reports, people are protesting against the Supreme Court decision and chanting the slogan Wayontgo Back Com. And it’s not a website. This is the announcement.

Details of the Weds Act:

Protesters’ anger over the abolition of the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the right to abortion has escalated over time. Under Roe Wade’s law, the right to abortion is a fundamental right of a citizen and they can try to do it whenever they want; Many other human rights are based on this rule. But a recent Supreme Court ruling overturned it. The public is seen protesting the decision with WeWontgo Back Com and “My Body is My Choice”.

But a recent Supreme Court decision changed the fundamental right to abortion and broke Rowe Wade’s rule. Court bypass and order. As protests continue, people are desperately trying to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion rights. It is important to see how far the movement goes and whether the movement succeeds.

News of the protest is trending on social media with hashtags protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Rowe Wade’s regime.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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