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Walang Sugat Script: Walang Sugat is an 1898 Tagalog-language zarzuela, a Spanish lyric-drama genre consisting of pieces, readings, and poetry written by Filipino playwright Severino Reyes.

The piece’s original model track was replaced by a track written by Filipino composer Fulgencio Tolentino Walang Sugat.

Walang Sugat Script reviews

Although the Chinese version of the Walang Sugata or Walang Battas is one of the essential and best zarzuelas in the Philippines, it became an exhibit considered “too subversive” by American colonial officials and authored by Reyes Caid. in

A simple and traditional Filipino Karswell or Karswell, it portrays the dilemma of domestic life through dialogue, song and dance.

Plot Agar Walang Sugata Lipi

During World War II, the National Library of the Philippines, which contains the original manuscripts of the tracks and librettos, was destroyed in a bomb blast in parts during the Liberation of Manila.

As a result, the original track no longer existed during the war as it was not fed in any way, unlike Reyes’ libretto.

Then in 1971 Dr. The track was reconstructed by a group led by Herminio Velarde Jr., who interviewed people who saw the original creation.

Unlike political compositions, Walang Sugata is also a love story. At the end of the Filipino chapter, Taneyong leaves Julia to prove that she is a Katipunan voter.

In his absence, Julia is under constant pressure from Miguel, portrayed as an American, to whom she stops receiving information from Tenyoung.

As Julia and Miguel walk out of the wedding, Tenyoung arrives to destroy the aid and kill the victims in the battle. Tanzong mentions his desire to save Julia’s life.

However, the drama has the potential for a “surprise twist” that hints at how Taneyong can outwit Julia, the estranged person in his life.

Scripted series

Pilipino opened his 26th series with Walang Sugata in Tanghalang Aurelio, The Famous Show. His first film was It Change, directed by Carlos Siguón-Reina.

The 1957 model was produced by LVN Pictures with Lamberto V. Under the direction of Avellana. Filipino actors who participated in the 1957 film version included Rosa Aguirre, Tony Dantes, Oscar Casey, Charito Solis, and José Vergara.


Q: What is Walang Sugata?

A: It is one of the most famous and well-known Spanish love stories.

Q: Is there a movie about a love story?

A: Yes, the movie is based on a famous love story.


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