If you’re a Spotify user, you’re probably familiar with the term “Spotify Icebergs.” Are you looking for this? Have you heard of Icebergify.Con? Keep reading because here I am going to tell you all about Icebergify.Con and Spotify Icebergs.

Scroll through social networks and see musical icebergs floating by? You are not alone; Many people see this iceberg on their social media accounts.

This is a new trend that is going viral on social media where you will see the names of top music artists. Spotify is an online music application used by millions of people to listen to music and podcasts from artists around the world.

What is Icebergify.Con?

There are different trends on social media from time to time and many people try to adopt them. Spotify Icebergs is one such trend.

Icebergify.Con is an online tool that helps people embrace Spotify’s iceberg trend. It is created by Shri Akshay Raj, a student of Computer Science and Data Science.

It allows users to create their own iceberg that will include the most listened to songs in descending order.

It is also called Spotify Iceberg Generator because it creates icebergs.

How does Icebergify.Con work?

This creates an iceberg in which the actors are placed in descending order. It does this by checking your listening history in the Spotify app.

How can you create your own iceberg using this Spotify Iceberg generator?

Making your own snowflake is easy and can be done in minutes. But let me tell you that you have to log into your Spotify account and allow the website to analyze your listening history.

If you are not ready to authorize the website, you cannot create your iceberg.

What is the process?

  1. Visit the official Icebergify website (https://Icebergify.Com/)
  2. Tap on the “Create your” feature given there.
  3. Log in to your Spotify account. Once you log in and give your permission to the website, it will take some time to create the iceberg.


Q: Is Icebergify safe to travel?

A: Yes, it is safe to go here as it only scans your data and then creates an iceberg. So it doesn’t save your data for any reason.

Q: Can icbergify work if you don’t have a Spotify account?

A: No, because this website only analyzes your Spotify listening habits. So, if you don’t have an account on Spotify, create one and then go to the website.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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