Star Caller Scam

Star Caller Scam Details Spoofing calls are used in some countries to deceive people with recent scandal incidents.

Do you know the details of the scam call? Singapore’s crime control department has issued a notice warning citizens of fraud through fraudulent calls. Similar incidents have already taken place in countries like Canada, USA Star Caller Scam and UK.

In this type of fraud, scammers use VoIP technology to protect their identity and save money on international calls. According to the police department, the victims received calls from a number with the prefix +65, which indicates an international number.

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Vishing on Star Call:

The act of using a phone call to deceive people is known as wishing. Phishing attacks cover a wide area because they cover all cybercrime activities used to defraud people.

Scammers use caller ID spoofing techniques to protect fake numbers and their geographic location. VoIP allows scammers to use Internet infrastructure for low cost calls without using other expensive gadgets.

According to a report, scammers try to trick government officials into obtaining victim information. A total of 125 125 million worth of scams were uncovered in 2019 under Wishing.

Star Collar Application in Phishing Crime:

The Star App is now a popular tool used by scammers to target victims in Germany and India. Because the technology is cheap and hides geographical location, scammers use call centers to carry out organized crime.

A variety of spoofing is done using the Star app.

  • Public official impersonation is the most common identity theft perpetrated by scammers.
  • They can identify themselves as customers and try to get money from banks and financial institutions.
  • They can also act as IT support people to get important information from customers.

The Star Caller app serves as a great tool for cyber criminals to carry out wishing activities in different parts of the world.

New Wishing Case in Singapore:

The law enforcement agency has advised Singaporeans to beware of fake calls. According to the police department, one of the victims received a call from a bank employee and was asked for details while investigating money laundering.

The call has a prefix of +65 which indicates that it is an international call; Also asked for OTP and other bank details to verify the account.
Information requested by scammers in Singapore Star Caller scam:

In the Singapore case, the fraudulent bank official transferred the case to the Call Trade Manager’s department for reporting to the police. The victim spoke to a fake officer on the WhatsApp messaging platform.

The officer asked for personal details like ID and photo to register the case. In some cases, fraudsters receive a report from the police department informing them of their crime.


This is a recent case of wishing based on internet research, in which victims were later informed that their contact details had been changed and funds had been withdrawn. No agency will ask for personal information, local police insist.


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People need to be careful and avoid another star collar scam. People affected by the caller scam can share their stories in the comments section below.

Written by Patna Motihari

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