Have you got accurate and relevant information about Homecarreus com Scam? Otherwise, this article contains an unbiased review of Homecarreus.com.

Do you want household items and toys? Again, you may have heard of Homecarreus.com selling such items. Please read this article to get an honest review of this site.

Since the epidemic, there is rage everywhere in e-commerce stores and many are offering delicious deals on the purchase of goods. But be careful when using these websites as they can mislead you into stealing your capital without delivering the ordered items. So, in this article, we will find out whether the Homecarreus.com scam exists or is suspected by many US buyers.

Is Homecarreus Legal?

In this paragraph, we will describe some of the points that will help you to see his natural face. So please note below for more accurate results.

  • Alexa Rank – Searching for discussions, we collected 3,648,302 awards online for this site.
  • Trust Score – This website has received only 1% trust score value.
  • Owner Identity – No chain linked to the founder’s name found.
  • Portal Age – 18-03-2022 is the opening date of Homecarreus.com.
  • Our Trust Rank Analysis – Homecarreus.com Review got a value of 58.4 / 100.
  • Buyer Feedback – We did not see trustpilot feedback or comments on the website during the investigation. However, people said they have not yet received the package on some portals, which indicates its dubious nature.
  • Domain Expiration Date – The portal will expire on 18-03-2023.
  • Mentioned Policies – Policies are mentioned on the portal.
  • Provide discounts – Items are listed at incredible discount rates.
  • Location reality – address details are missing; So you can’t check its authenticity.
  • Social contact icons are available but no accounts found.
  • Duplicate Percentage – Testing revealed that the site’s content contained duplicate content, leading to suspicions that HomeCars.com was a scam.

About the website

Homecarreus.com is an online shopping site that sells exclusive items such as toys, electronics, sewing machines and kitchens. In addition, the website offers special New Year offers to all customers. However, the portal claims to provide excellent customer support and high quality articles.

So, before considering buying items from this site, read the rest of the paragraph carefully to be safe.

Details from Homecarreus.com

  • The official URL of this portal is https://homecarreus.com.
  • It sells cooking, electronics, etc.
  • No address information on the website.
  • Homecarreus com Scam Link stated that no phone number was mentioned on the portal.
  • Company officials will process your return request in 1-3 days.
  • The domain is currently only 28 days old.
  • They will arrange a return on your capital within 7 business days.
  • [email protected] is the e-mail address indicated on Homecarreus.com.
  • For exchange of goods, they will take 1-3 business days.
  • Depending on the website, VISA, COD, PayPal, etc. There are some payment methods.
  • They offer buyers free shipping options.
  • After signing up, you can take advantage of newspaper functionality.
  • According to homecarreus com scam threads, we understand that they will take 10 days to deliver.

Website benefits

  1. The products of the site are offered at a discount.
  2. Newsletter option is available.
  3. There have been many reactions to this site.

Disadvantages of Homecarreus.com

  1. No presence on social networks.
  2. No phone number or office address.
  3. On the portal, the name of the founder is not available, which leads to many questions.
  4. The website has received many negative reviews.

We’ll discuss some of the latest public comments in the underlying section, so please review them carefully.

What are the latest reviews from Homecarreus.com?

Our analysis shows that there are no customer reviews on Trustpilot for Homecarreus.com. In addition, comments on the site are missing. But, on a review portal, we found buyer feedback, which means there are issues with package delivery delays. So, based on the activity of the site, some considered it a scam.


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Also, on another site, a customer wrote that the company’s mail contained some grammatical errors, without sending the package several days after ordering.

Written by Patna Motihari

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