Mysejahtera App

The Mysejahtera App was developed by the Government of Malaysia to support and monitor the Covid 19 outbreak across the country. This application also provides information to the Ministry to plan for early and effective access.

This app helps to provide all the information about covid testing so this app helps them a lot because most of the viewers can go out and not charge much money and charges for covid-19 testing kids. So this app helps a lot of people.

Mysejahtera application development

Mysejahtera 1.0.45 develops and supports government in administration and delivery of services. It also helps users to monitor their health issues and check for covid 19.

This app also provides information on other health checkups and other health issues when there are health issues affecting doctors in the USA and also provides solutions to the issues. Users can also check nearby hospitals and drug stores to save time in case of problems.

And also screening nearby covid test treatments. Downloading is easy for applicants to register, provide contact number id and provide all personal information required to download this app.

How to download Mysejahtera App?

First, download and install Mera Sejahtera from Official Malaysia Mobile Phone Gamma Gallery via Apple Store. Click on the button and download the app and register in this app.

Then enter the registered cell phone number and email address to sign up for this app to receive instructions to use this app. Now use the OTP number you selected to register, enter the OTP number and click on this link to open this link. After you complete this process, you will be able to use this app properly.

Mysejahtera App is free or not

This application is for Malaysian users as this app is mainly use for this country so all users living in Malaysia can use this app very easily and enjoy all the features available in this app.

And this app and every update of this app is available on mobile phones and PC at this time and but most users can use all applications on mobile phones which is very easy and accessible in a few minutes.

This way you can use any application on your cellphone and download any application, so this application is very useful for cellphone users.


Yes, this app is only available for Malaysian users but with this app, they can worry about their health and covid tests and other health issues and video call with top professional doctors and have good concerns. Can do this and also check the clinic. , all available health and covid-19 issues are available in this app.

If you leave a message in the chat box, the service department will respond within minutes and connect your call to the doctor and the relevant department to help you.

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