Form 410 Rental Application in Ontario

This article provides an overview of the Form 410 Rental Application in Ontario and what Ontario tenants need to know when applying for a lease. It explains the meaning of the form, the main parts of the form and the steps required to submit the form successfully. The article also provides tips for a successful rental application in Ontario.

What is Ontario Rental Application Form 410?

The Form 410 Rental Application (OREA Form 410) is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of the rental agreement, including rent amount, lease term, security deposit, tenant rights, landlord rights, and more. It provides a clear overview of the responsibilities of both parties and helps them understand their rights and obligations.

What documents do I need to submit as a tenant?

The rental market in the province is fiercely competitive and landlords often have a wide range of potential tenants to choose from. To ease the process and increase the chances of getting a lease, it is important to be well prepared with all the necessary documents.

Rent application

  • Personal information
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Employment history and current employer information
  • Income and financial information
  • References from previous landlords or employers, if applicable
  • Consent to credit checks and other background check

Current credit scores and reports

A good credit rating indicates that you handle your financial obligations responsibly and are likely to pay your rent on time. On the other hand, a low credit score can raise concerns about your ability to meet your financial obligations.

Employment certificate and proof of income

Employment references and proof of income are important documents that show you can afford rent and meet your financial obligations.

In addition to employment references, you must also submit proof of income such as current payslips, bank statements, or tax returns. Self-employed individuals can submit annual accounts or tax documents as proof of income.

How do I complete a rental application in Ontario?

  • On the first line of the Rental Application, Ontario, enter the address, date and monthly rental rate of the accommodation you wish to rent.
  • Personal Information: First, enter your personal information, such as B. Your full name, date of birth, current address and telephone number. You may also be asked to provide your Social Security Number (SIN), although this is not mandatory.
  • Other Residents: Enter the names of people living with you. If you have pets, include information about them, such as: B. Type, breed, and size.
  • Rental History: Provide information about your rental history, including the addresses of your previous tenants, the names and contact information of your previous landlords, and the length of your tenancy at each location.
  • Employment History: List your current employer, position, length of service and monthly income. You may also be asked to provide contact information for your manager or human resources. If you are self-employed or unemployed, provide details of your source of income and required co-signers.
  • Credit History: Provide information about your credit history including outstanding debts, credit cards, credit and credit history. You have to enter the bank details including name, address and branch.
  • Personal references: Choose people you know well and can provide positive references, such as B. friends, colleagues or former landlords. Include their name, phone number and address.
  • Vehicle Information: You must provide your vehicle information, including make, model, year and license plate number.
  • Sign and date the application form: After completing all the required sections, sign and date the application form.
  • Submit the application: Return the completed Form 410 ORIA to the landlord or property manager, in person, by mail, or electronically.

Is the application binding in Ontario?

In Ontario, rental applications are not legally binding contracts. However, they play an important role in the rental process as they serve as a tool for landlords to screen potential tenants and gather relevant information.

How long does it take to process a rental application in Ontario?

Processing a rental application in Ontario can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the specific circumstances and needs of the landlord or property management company. The time it takes to process an Ontario 410 rental application can be affected by a number of factors.


The OREA Form 410 is an important document for renters and landlords involved in the Ontario rental process. This not only simplifies the application process, but also protects the interests of both parties. If you, as a prospective tenant, take the time to understand and fill out the form correctly, you will improve your chances of securing the rental property you want.

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