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It’s safe to say that you’d expect to gain more real followers for a Snapchat account created for your brand or business.

How To Get Real Followers On Snapchat


Views on Snapchat can be very valuable to your brand. Snapchat has an average of 186 million users per day and those users are taking 3 billion snapshots a day. In other words, this social network channel has more viewers than Twitter, with 126 million daily users.

Another reason Snapchat makes your marketing dollars is one that many young people use. While millennials and young pay generations need to be more connected through other media channels, Snapchat is used almost exclusively by young people. According to the Pew Research Survey, 78% of people aged 18 to 24 use Snapchat.


The Snapchat app doesn’t lead to a search. Snapchat helps people follow people who believe in their close friends and brands that are very important to them. Therefore, it is difficult to get followers only through the app.

However, as part of your overall digital media strategy, you have other social media channels to promote your Snapchat. Share your Snapchat code on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere you have.

You can also use other marketing materials to promote your Snapchat.


Here are ways to get real Snapchat followers: Promise and keep it, provide something out of the ordinary, build intimacy.

  • Post daily

As with other forms of social media, you don’t have to be active every day. However, if you are looking for a real follower for Snapchat, this is what you need.

Snapchat uses a system that removes items you post after 24 hours, so you need to keep updating so that people recognize you as an active user.

  • Think about what to post

If you go to the same cafe every day and always post a picture of your order, people get bored.

As a rule, people are unique and live different lives from one another. So think about what you post.

Maybe you are attending a university whose campus is not visible to everyone in your life. Write about what you do that is unique.

Sharing your Snapchat by your brand:

  • Email Newsletter
  • This blog
  • During events
  • Visit card
  • Other ads

Remember that many people suffer from social media burnout. On average, people have 5.54 social media accounts. You don’t want to see the same stuff on all of them. You need to create unique content in the Snapchat format that you can’t share anywhere else. To promote your Snapchat, tease your other social media followers about special content or offers that are only available through your Snap.

Basic tips for Snapchat

Is your brand just getting started on Snapchat? Here’s what you need to know in quick Snapchat basic. Advanced users can skip these basic tips:

  • Post over and over: The latest updated story will be presented to the users first. The longer your story is on your followers’ feeds, the more they will see it. The average user reviews the app 20 times a day.
  • Music: Add music to your snapshot for more fun.
    Subtitles: Adding subtitles is not only for ability accessibility, it also allows users to review their voices in public with less noise or silence.
    Polls and Quizzes: Engaging your followers with polls and quizzes is a smart move. Everyone loves to answer important questions for them.
    Change your profile picture: People love innovation, and your profile picture is a great way to get the attention of a follower who doesn’t open your followers.

Deliver price

While our previous suggestions were about Snapchat and how it works, it’s time to focus on your audience and what they want. The simple truth is that if your audience finds your snapshots valuable, they keep watching.


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