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Snapchat is releasing a new original game called Bitmoji Paint. The game features baseless incarnations of paintings and distorted grenades. Users can display squares as a drawing area shared in the grid.

How To Play Bitmoji Paint

About Bitmoji Paint

Developed by Snap Games Studios, the game enables Bitmoji Avatar, created by Snapchat, to create shared canvases for world travel and collaboration with friends. Users can create anything from simple sketches to large open spaces.

In a press release announcing Bitmoji Paint, Snap Inc. The game will enable millions of gamers to “come together to make bigger and bigger contributions.

The use of bitmoji paint

You can access BitMoji Paint through the chat or search area on Snapchat. When you enter the game you will find yourself on a planet with many islands.

Each island you visit represents a different server. In turn, each island has different players and different pictures, making for impossible entertainment.

While playing you can choose between three different modes: move, paint and map. When you switch between these modes, you can move around the canvas, start painting, or switch to another map.

You can only chat with other players on the islands using quotes and not see other users’ Snap IDs. Both features have been retained for obvious convenience reasons. Snapchat also allows you to notify users during games.

Using Snapchat is more fun

Snapchat is known for its numerous filters and lenses that make the app very fun. In between trying the Goofy Lens, go to Bitmo G Paint and add your Scribble to a giant collage.

To play Bitmoji Paint, you need at least one partner. To choose someone, you can enter a chat with someone else and tap the rocket that will give you the Games tab at the bottom of the screen. There you can see all the games available including this one

How To Play Bitmoji Paint

The perfect future of sports

Bitmoji Paint is a new exhibition that will play an important role on social media in the near future. This is the case with any social platform, as we have seen on Twitter that there are games that can be tweeted and the platform itself can experiment more with them.

Be prepared because what we are seeing now on Snapchat is likely to spread to other networks as well. And yes, where Instagram can pull more. Platforms that in some ways already have some more games in their stories, but the idea can also be used as a means of extra income.

Multiplayer Online Painting Game

Bitmoji is customized avatars that have become ubiquitous on Snapchat. You can use it to customize everything from your clothes and hair color to the overall texture of your face and create your own cartoon version.

With your bitmoji, you can jump into the virtual world of bitmoji paint. The platform introduced the new game in a post in the Snapchat newsroom.

In BitMoji Paint, your avatar lands on a pixelated canvas, where hundreds of other players contribute to the image shared in real-time.


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