Harrelsonsown.Com Scam

The Harrelsonsown.Com Scam gives you the transparency and accuracy of the harrelsonsown store for more valuable details.

People are more aware of their health and this is unavoidable in today’s unhealthy environment and lifestyle. So who is looking for healthy products like CBD to buy in the US according to their needs? The products offered in the entire package by the Harrelsonso store offer huge cost savings. The validity of the Harrelsonsown.com scam can be found in this article.

Below we discuss the accuracy and integrity of this website:

Is this a CBD scam?

Is it legal or illegal to take CBD, so we are inheriting this website, either as a scam or not? See this section; We disclose all facts related to this website to the best of our ability. This prevents buyers from facing problems and seeing what works best for them. Some reviews have been compiled from other review sites, which will actually appear to be related to their original website insurance. And check the legitimacy of the site by Harrelsonsown.com. Reviews are one of the factors.

Human health is a more sensitive issue, but some sellers may take advantage of it to sell their products, so it is important to get all the background information before trusting any website without compromising your health.

Here are some website-related details to convince you of the agreement:

  • Website Creation: Harrelsonsown Online Store was created on February 17, 2017.
  • Confidence rate: The confidence factor for Harrelson’s sown business is about 68 percent.
  • Registrar: GKG.Net, Inc. He is the registrar of Harrelson So Shop.
  • Social Accounts: Active Facebook and Instagram profiles on social media.
  • Customer Feedback: Some reviews have been collected from consumers based on the Harrelsonsown.com scam found on another online review site with a very good rating.
  • Security: The HTTPS-protected source may be in the form of trust points for transferring data to the store’s website, but we cannot rely on the trust factor.
  • Privacy Policy: This website’s privacy policy explicitly states that the customer must be certified in terms of privacy and regulations in order to support the customer.
  • Alexa Rank: The site does not give Alexa rating.
  • Missing information: The owner’s name is missing.

A brief description of the Harrelsonsown.com scam

This online site offers CBD-related products, cannabidiol and sprays, which help the body relieve pain and cancer and promote heart health.

The products sold on this site are listed below:

  • CBD products
  • Oil spray

Harrelson So store features

  1. Order Spectrum CBD products at https://secure.harrelsonsown.com/.
  2. Email ID: [email protected].
  3. Customer Service Address: PCH 30765 # 107, Malibu, CA 90265
  4. Customer Service: 07:30 to 16:00 PST (Mon-Fri)
  5. Contact No: (877) 519-9700
  6. International Contact: (805) 244-5400
  7. For review, Harrelsonsown.com collects all information about scams found on other review sites with good ratings but not the official website.
  8. Return Policy: 60 days money back guarantee.
  9. Warranty: Guarantee for products.
  10. Return Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee on Return.
  11. Delivery Policy: Standard delivery in 3-5 days for 9.99, preferred delivery (2-3 days) 15.99; Express delivery (1-2 days) at 29.99.
  12. Payment methods: Visa Card, American Express, MasterCard, Discover.

Positive feedback

  • You get free shipping when you place an order.
  • Most information, such as email contact information, is provided.

Negative feedback

  1. The review can be found on another online review site.
  2. Ratings on social media pages don’t matter.

Harrelsonsown.com Reviews

We’ve come to this store by sharing some online website reviews. But no reviews have been shared on the official website. Facebook has social media accounts with a poor rating of 2.8 / 5. Reviews raise doubts in our minds and we should think twice before buying from this website. All the information like email address, address and telephone number is available on the website.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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