Are you looking for an e-commerce site to buy seedlings and many other plants? Then read the Reviews below.

Are you interested in greenery, do you like to plant shrubs and trees around you and do you want an online platform from which you can buy these materials? If yes, don’t close this page, because the article on this page is beneficial for you. In this article, we will discuss a very popular website called Fast Growing Trees, which is famous for selling all kinds of plants you want.

Fast-growing trees are popular in many countries, including the United States. So, let’s start with the review article.

What are the fastest growing trees?

Fast Growing Trees is a platform available on the internet and selling the plants you want at your doorstep. The goal is to sell the best growing plants you can find anywhere else. This website provides excellent plants. All the varieties you want in the plant are selected by Fast Growing Tree.

The trees sent by the website are rich in nutritious soil. The original system is well developed and then exported. FastGrowingTree also has a 30 day warranty plan. Let’s discuss whether is legal.

Fast growing trees

  • Domain Age – The date on which FastGrowingTree was created on the Internet is 2004-10-01.
  • Company Address – Address 2621 Road Fort Mill, SC, not open to the public.
  • URL Link – Fast Growing Tree URL link is
  • Email Address – Company email address not provided on Fastgrowthtrees.
  • Contact Number – The contact number listed on the fast growing tree is (855) 565 – 1074.
  • Products available – Plants and plants products are available at FastGrowingTree.
  • Newsletter – Newsletter is delivered on FastGrowing Trees.
  • Return and Refund Policy – You must pay 25% refill fee.
  • Customer Reviews –’s buyer reviews are available on social media platforms and the FastGrowingtrees website.
  • Exchange Policy – No such policy is offered on FastGrowingTree.
  • Payment Methods – Payment methods are not listed on the Fastgrowthtrees website.
  • Social Media Connections – Fast Growing Tree is associated with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

The benefits of fast growing trees

FastGrowingTree has a strong presence in the market, which proves that people have interacted with the website.
All the information required to check the validity of the website is given on the website, such as contact number, company address etc.
Customer reviews are available on the website and website and the number of reviews is not small.
The quality of the products available on Fastgrowthtrees is high.
There is also a 30-day warranty, i.e., you can complain if the plates are damaged in the middle.
Fast-growing trees are associated with popular social media connections; You can also check the website.

Disadvantages of fast growing trees

Payment methods are not shown on the site, which may inconvenience the customer.
FastGrowingTree does not provide email support.

Is Legal?

  1. Domain Age – The date on which FastGrowingTree was created on the Internet is 2004-10-01.
  2. Expiration Age – The date on which the Fast Growing Tree expires is 01/10/2023.
  3. Trust Score – 90% is the trust rank of Fast Growing Tree, which is a very good ranking.
  4. Trust Ranking – Fast Growing Tree has an average of 58.4 trust score out of 100.
  5. Owner Information – Owner information is not provided on Fastgrowthtrees.
  6. Address Origin – The address on the website appears to be genuine.
  7. Unrealistic discount – 60% discount available.
  8. Policy – All the necessary policies are given on a fast growing tree.
  9. Social Media Connection – Fast growing trees are available on social media.
  10. Content Quality – FastGrowingTree content is not completely stolen.

Customers review

Customer reviews are available for FastGrowingtrees. The review is available on websites and social media platforms. Reviews are also available on trusted portals. The reviews available on the trust portal are 689 with an excellent rating of 51%, an excellent and average rating of 12%, a poor rating of 7% and a poor rating of 18%.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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