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This message is on Fn. Gg/lantern Trials guides our readers on how to win prizes in Lantern Trials.

Do you know about the Fortnight Lantern Challenge? Fortnight developers are also celebrating Lantern and have changed their game. This change will benefit all Fortnite active players. Many players around the world want to know about this new challenge. This message is on FN. GG / Lantern Trials tells you how to take advantage of the prizes available in Lantern Trials.

Take a few minutes for this post and find out how to earn rewards using the steps described here.

What makes lantern tests more interesting?

The Lantern Festival is underway, and Fortnite developers recently announced that they are celebrating this lantern season by adding lanterns to the POI street. Developers allow users to draw a picture and upload it to social platforms. However, if you want to know how to participate in this challenge, check out this post and find out all the updates from Fortnite Lantern Trials.

How do you get rewards in these exams?

Players are not up to date on starting these tests. Here are some ways to open a test. Fortnite recently tweeted a message on Twitter that allows users to log in to the game and receive rewards. He also mentioned additional rewards.

  • Players must be logged in to enter the game.
  • If they do not register, they will not receive a reward. Nor can they redeem other final prizes.
  • You get amazing rewards when you log in and fix Fortnite. So start playing early.

fn Gg / Lantern test end time

Currently, the first day of the lantern test is over and the second day of the test is underway. Players who have not completed the challenge have 18 hours to complete the challenge. The second day is now active and ends in 18 hours. Hurry up to get some great prizes and get this offer. You can also upload images to Twitter with the hashtag # Lantography2022. Shippers get a chance to get a cameo needs catch! Emoticons.

What kind of rewards do players get?

If you do this Fn. Gg / Lantern test, you will be rewarded:

  1. Light-emitting wrap
  2. Four emoticons
  3. Bling back the dream lantern

So on Day 2, more players are expected to participate and win all these prizes. Such opportunities are rare, and if you miss them, you will lose many. Don’t waste your time and take this opportunity.


We told our readers how to get rewards in lantern tests. This is a 5 day challenge so time is limited and will end soon. However, you have time to complete the day 2 challenge on Fn. GG / Lantern test. Check out this link to play Lantern Tests.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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