Water Puzzle Captain Real Or Fake

Is Water Puzzle Captain Real Or Fake? This article will be helpful if you answer yes to the following questions. Here we go!

Once you start the Water Sort Puzzle you will also find that you can get a real iPhone 13 and many more goodies such as a Tesla Model S!

I am serious! They really want people to believe that they can get rich with this app!

You get even more excited when you hear that you can play for a few hours and earn $1000 per deposit.

So, can you make good money separating colored water in a test tube? Is the watershed puzzle real or fake?

What is the Water Puzzle Captain App?

Water Sort Puzzle is a game where you pour water between glass bottles to sort different colors. This is similar to the sorting ball game!

There should only be one watercolor in each bottle to pass the level.

Every time you fill the bottle, you have a chance to win virtual money and coins.

They also collect puzzle pieces for various prizes such as the iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, iPad, and even the Tesla S.

It is important to note that the game is only open to residents of the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

How does the watershed puzzle work?

You can play Water Sort Puzzle on Google Play right after you install the app.

Note that the app can access content such as photos, media, and other files on your USB storage.

It can also read your phone’s status and identity. It really worries me that they have so much control over your device.

How to play?

The water sorting puzzle consists of bottles with small amounts of different colored liquids.

Your task is to pour liquids of the same color into the same bottle.

To achieve this you must use logic before moving the water. Otherwise, you might fall into a trap!

It’s very easy at first, but it gets harder and harder as you complete higher levels.

If you feel stuck in one place, use decor, add bottles, or step back to change the color scheme.

The downside of playing Water Sort Puzzle is the large number of ads that waste your time and data.

win prizes

Every time you pop a bottle and hit a star you get virtual coins, coins or puzzle pieces.

You can double the reward by tapping the button and watching the ad.

The water sorting puzzle also provides puzzle pieces during the game. You can get it as a gift if you collect 30 pieces.

I’m talking expensive products like smartphones, laptops, video games and even Tesla cars.

You can watch videos and play Lucky Spins to win more items in the Gift Center.

How is it paid?

Once your cash balance reaches $1000, you can withdraw funds through PayPal, Amazon, Visa Prepaid Tool or Google Play.

Also note that 1 million coins are worth 1 dollar. You need at least $50 in coins to withdraw $50 using the same payment methods.

Is the water sorting puzzle legal? does it pay?

The Water rank puzzle doesn’t pay you because you can never reach $1,000.

Many people reported that their cash balance was stuck at $998 despite making more.

The same goes for puzzle pieces. You need to collect 30 pieces, but you may never get the last one.

Water Sort Puzzle fills you with videos and earns money, but does not transfer money to players.

This is very unfair as it is not about the price. I’m sure most people won’t install the app.

There are probably hundreds of similar games on Google Play, making it very hard to stand out.

Therefore, many developers copy someone else’s game and decorate it with dollar signs to attract players.

Review of the Water Puzzle Master app:

  • Name – Master of the water puzzle
  • Status – Suspicious
  • App Type – Game App, Casual
  • Developer – Funer League
  • the English language
  • Contact – [email protected]

It is highly questionable whether playing Water Puzzle Master really works. Maybe they should reward some lucky users for showing their app is legit. You should not expect to earn money or rewards from this game.

We have looked at many reviews on the internet and I am not surprised that there are so many complaints. After looking at many apps and games, I know how they work and I don’t have to pay.


  1. Low minimum withdrawal limit.
  2. addictive game
  3. easy to play interface


  1. network error.
  2. Lots of ads.
  3. high battery consumption


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Written by Patna Motihari

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