Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34

Do you want to track WhatsApp’s online status? This article on Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34 gives a whole insight into this application and its credibility. Read our full article to know more about Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34.

Trying to limit the time you spend on social media and online chats? Or are you a concerned parent who doesn’t want your kids to waste time on unnecessary tasks? Then you will find Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34 app very useful for your needs. This time tracker can monitor all your WhatsApp Messenger activities and present them in a handy clock format. You can also see last 30 days statistics in the graph. Last seen, Wastat is the largest online helper for Wasp.

What is the Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34?

Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34 is another WhatsApp online tracker that provides online last-seen notifications and monitors. It runs on Android operating system and is very easy to use.

Brief: Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is available in different parts of the world. It is also free to download and use. This is an alternative method to communicate with contacts saved on your device if they have a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Tracker is a tracking app to track WhatsApp activities. These tracking apps are available to download on your device. May require download on some target devices. While some track WhatsApp location and monitor chats. Others track online news and the latest views.

Features: Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34

  • Online/Offline Instruction
  • Tracks more than one person at a time
  • Detailed analysis and monitoring reports
  • 24/7 customer support on the app
  • Compare the data and report for two different numbers

What do you want to follow on whatsapp?

Live location, chats, last seen and online notifications are the four main things you want to track on WhatsApp. Earlier, the alternative to WhatsApp tracking was to use the app itself. But the details are unclear. In other words, there is a limit to what you can see on the target user’s WhatsApp, hence WhatsApp Tracker.

At a superficial level, WhatsApp Tracker monitors online status, messages, usage and online activities. The idea of WhatsApp Online Tracker is to increase productivity. It does this by secretly updating the target user’s daily routine. Finally, comparisons are made to draw conclusions.

Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34 All-in-One WhatsApp Tracker

Wastat ApkJust Apk 1.34 parental control app can also be used as a one-stop WhatsApp tracker. It monitors online information, last seen, location, usage and chats. It is available for free and offers much more than just WhatsApp monitoring.


  1. Instantly notify you of any incoming message or call on WhatsApp from the target device
  2. Record WhatsApp call audio or listen to calls from your phone
  3. Check your kids’ phones remotely while they are using WhatsApp or other apps
  4. Keep track of how much time kids use WhatsApp and when they use WhatsApp
  5. Plan when and how long kids can use WhatsApp.

Real-time location tracking

It can track real-time location via GPS. You can also define safe areas and receive instant notifications.

Remote camera

Its remote camera feature allows accessing the target device’s camera without the owner knowing. You can take photos and make videos from your target (anywhere and anytime) with the target device.

Monitor social apps

It can also monitor other social media apps like Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WeChat etc.

Easy to use and reliable

It is easy to use and developed by AirDroid, which is recommended by many official media.


Q: How can I see someone’s WhatsApp activity online?

A: There are ways to view someone’s WhatsApp activity online. You can check their last seen, status or live location. The frequency with which they update their status or log in clearly shows their online activity. A user who is online will update their status more often or rarely be offline. If you have access to their phone, you can sync it with your PC via WhatsApp Web.

Q: What is the best WhatsApp online tracker?

A: Best Whatsapp online tracker is parental control app. These apps allow you to track target users without having their phones or letting them know. This allows you to do a sort of contraption.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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