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In this article, we have discussed the Srkmall site. We used Site Features and Srkmall Review to determine if this is a legitimate site scam.

Want to buy electronics and appliances from a new online store? There are many new sites selling electronics and fashion items online in India. However, buyers are more skeptical about the legality and quality of the goods. Therefore they should be fully informed on the site to avoid possible scams and fraud.

Accordingly, we will look at the Srkmall review in this article and provide our visitors with a better understanding of the e-commerce site.

Memoirs on Safeway

Srkmall is a website where customers can buy the latest electronics, electrical appliances, fashion accessories as well as other items. According to the Shrikamal website, they blend the best of these aspects, making it a great place for young people to shop.

Range of products

  • Electronic
  • Beauty equipment
  • Bag
  • Office furniture
  • Saree and kurti
  • Home decor
  • Fashion accessories
  • Furniture
  • Bike
  • Hair care and skin care
  • Utensils
  • Home gadgets

Despite the large number of items available on the Srkmall shopping site, we must first check the Srkmall legal when ordering. We will consider platform activity, customer feedback and other factors for this evaluation.

Features of Srkmall:

  • Buy the product at:
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone number: +91 95864 15701
  • Address: Shrikamal, Halwai Nagar, Koldongari, Sahar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, pin – 400069
  • Owner Details: There are no company details on the website. According to the Whois site, the Srkmall site was purchased by Domains By Proxy of Arizona, USA.
  • Social Media Links: Not to mention the social media profile on the shopping site, which is a major red flag. This is a very important factor to include in the Srkmall review.
  • Delivery Policy: According to Shrikamal’s shipping policy, the goods are delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: The terms and conditions are available on the website. However, they were stolen.
  • Shipping: There are no details about shipping costs on the online shopping site.
  • Product Tracking: The site has an order tracking page to track purchases.
  • Cancellation and return: Cancellation policy exists. The site also offers its customers a 30 day refund.
  • Refunds: Refunds are processed within 7-10 business days of receiving the refund order.
  • Payment Method: Accepts all major payment methods including Amex and PayPal.

Positive Highlights About Srkmall Review

  1. A wide range of items is available.
  2. The company offers a 30 day return policy.

Negative climax

  1. Shipping costs are not mentioned on the site.
  2. The registered address of the site domain and the address mentioned on the Shrikamal site are from two different countries.

Is Siftway a scam or legal?

  1. Domain Creation: Shrikamal Portal Domain was registered on March 26, 2022.
  2. Website Age: The online shopping platform has been in operation for six days. As a result, the site is brand new and can’t be trusted. This information is important to determine if Shrikamal is valid.
  3. Website Expires: Srkmall Internet Store Domain Expires on March 26, 2023.
  4. Trust: Srkmall website has an overall Alexa rating of 0% and a trust score of 1%.
  5. Country of Origin: According to the Shrikamal website, they are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. When the site is registered in Arizona, USA.
  6. Proximity to suspicious websites: 9/100.
  7. Data Security: Encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.
  8. Threat profile: 78/100.
  9. Phishing Score: 78/100.
  10. Malware Score: 37/100.
  11. Spam score: 46/100.
  12. Social Relations: The website has no social media presence on the Internet. This factor should also be considered when evaluating the authenticity of the Srkmall website.

Customer reviews

There are no Srkmall reviews online. In addition, there are no customer reviews of the site’s products.

The Srkmall site appears to be a scam website because of its low level of trust and lack of social media presence. The given address of the site also appears to be incorrect. Therefore, it is better to avoid Srkmall sites.


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