Millions of people use Spotify and many of them are interested in their Spotify statistics, such as the music they listen to the most, how much time they spend on the platform, etc. But it becomes difficult to know because these things must be done. Noticed, and when you’ve listened to the number of songs or podcasts, you can’t keep track of them. Want to know your Spotify account stats too? If yes, then you should read the article SpotifyStats carefully because I am going to tell you how you can get the statistics.

Here are some platforms that help you check your Spotify data –

spotify wrapped

It is a platform that informs users about their listening habits. It examines all the data collected by Spotify from your listening history.

After checking it, it compiles it into a slideshow. This slideshow features the most listened-to songs and podcasts. Time spent on the app and top performer data from the last 12 months is also included.

Not only this, Wrapped started providing more features in 2021. Some of these features are Audio Aura and Movie. Audio Aura is there to show you the mood of your music and Movie is there to pair your favorite songs with movie scenes.

Playing Cards – This is a game based on the most listened-to songs.

Spotify releases it every December and every time it is released users will see a notification on Spotify’s homepage.

It was first released in 2017 and later became a trend among Spotify users.

Some more details about Wrapped –

You can view older playlists encapsulated by Spotify on your account. However, you will need to log in to your Spotify account through a browser to view it.


This is a third-party app that users use to track their Spotify habits. It gives them a more detailed breakdown of their favorite artists, songs and genres. Not only this, it also provides additional features to the users.

All you need to do is link your Spotify account to your Spotify app stats.

It lists your favorite artists from different eras and more.

What else can you find out using Spotify’s personal statistics tool?

Here is the data you can analyze using this tool –

The most successful player

It shows you the top fifty artists you’ve listened to.

The best bits

It gives you the data of the most listened tracks, Top 50. You can check the song you want to know more about. You can also reload songs from your account into the playlist.

main style

This tool lets you learn more about the most popular genres you listen to.


You can even analyze subgenres you’ve never heard of before.


It clearly tells you what decade you are listening to music from.


Obscurify collects data from your Spotify account and then compares it with other users. And so, it shows how unique your music choices are. (Percentage).

Through the reports it offers you, you’ll be able to see genre stats, obscure songs and artists, and your musical mood. Along with this, you will also get some advice about your listening habits.

How to use obscurify??

Go to the official website of the platform and link your Spotify account on it. Grant all requested permissions as they are required to check your history. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see rankings and comparisons.


This is another website that can tell you about your favorite music. It also suggests new songs to users based on their listening history.

What can you say if you use chosic?

  • Your current favorite artist
  • The most popular subgenre
  • A decade of favorite music.
  • Observe changes in your music tastes.
  • The best moose tracks.

It provides users with information on demand. It also supports finding new release music and creating custom playlists.

Recently, a new feature has been added to let users know how their tastes differ from their friends. Also – compare your Spotify tattoos.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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