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Do you know which event opened Then, please read this article carefully to know more about the strings related to the topic.

Have you noticed that any fun website is gaining popularity these days? If you are unfamiliar with the portal, we have created this article. Please read it correctly.

Websites are designed to provide useful services to other people. But many Internet users in Italy, Canada and the United States are discussing the site, which was created recently after the Oscar ceremony. So, in this article, we will review and its popularity in the online world. Furthermore, our research has shown that Internet users ask questions on the portal of Slapchrisrock com. Scroll down for more honest information.

On the news

After the links were revealed, we noticed that during the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, an incident took place which led to the creation of In addition, the portal is designed to allow users to experience similar activities that occurred during the function.

Therefore, we will let you know its details and developer name in the coming sections. That way, if you want to learn and enjoy the website, visit this post religiously.

What is

The game was rumored to allow American comedian Chris Rock to be slapped. Also, in the game you will find a hand and Chris emoji, where you have to move the hand towards Chris emoji. Moreover, the portal also displays the speed of the slap and allows players to post and share on social sites.

But, you may be wondering why the website developer chose comedian. So let’s get to that, but for now let’s check who found this portal in the snippet below.

Who created the portal?

As reported by Slapchrisrock com, we found that Tyler Hamilton searched the portal. So, in the next episode, we will reveal the basis on which Tyler built this website.

Which event popularized the website?

Sources point out that Chris mocked Will Smith’s wife at the awards show. Shortly after this comment, the actor went on stage and slapped the comedian. This action created an internet buzz by motivating Tyler to create a website.

However, Will later apologized to Chris on Instagram. A link to indicates that he wrote that his actions were inappropriate. He also lamented the Oscars and other members.

Now it’s time to know the reaction of the people on the website, so let’s quickly figure out the next way.

How do Internet users react?

On Reddit, most people appreciated the website and said it was fun to play. In addition, some have posted their scores with cute comments. However, some users have linked it to other games.


In this article, we demonstrated the topic of Slapchrisrock com and revealed a website where users can slap Chris Rock. So if you want to use it, please visit the site. However, Reddit viewers appreciated the portal.


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