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Do you know who Doug Ford is? Why are celebrities suddenly making news on media and internet? Who is Sid Cixiro?

All of these questions are intertwined and will surely run through your mind after watching a viral breakfast television music video. By revealing all the facts and truth behind this clip that went viral from Canada, this article will help you with all the information and details of the incident.

Who is Sid Seixeiro?

Before we begin explaining the music video and the claims behind it, we want our readers to reveal the details of all the facts behind it from the beginning for better clarity.

Sid Sequero is a Canadian television broadcaster best known for his work as a co-host of popular breakfast television. He has been a part of this City TV show since 2021. In addition, Sid is fulfilling his previous role as a radio co-host with Tim Mickleaf.

Sid is also part of a sports talk show called Tim and Sid. After a simple tweet, Sid Sixiro Doug Ford is currently trending on the internet. Let’s see the details of this tweet for clarity.

Who is Doug ford?

Douglas Robert Ford Jr. is a well-known Canadian politician and businessman who has also served as Ontario’s current and third premier since 2018. He has also been the leader of PC (Progressive Conservative) since March 2018.

Ford also served as Toronto City Councilor from 2010 to 2014. Being an important part of Canada’s political party, he held several other positions.

Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford:

Now, you might be wondering what the connection might be between a Canadian politician and a breakfast TV co-host. Revealing the details, Doug Ford was recently seen clearing snow for the public.

Sid, who was hurt by the blizzard, said he was still part of a publicity stunt after the storm. Doug uploaded a video and called the media before starting the movement, grabbing everyone’s attention.

The video went viral on social media and politicians started praising the initiative. But soon after that applause, he too had to face reactions, which led to the promotion of Sid Cixiro Doug Ford.

What does Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford think about this video?

Shortly after the incident, Syd uploaded a video to his Twitter account exposing the snow-covered acts of the politician, marking it only as a publicity stunt.

Despite the epidemic and the recent Omicron hit, not all the people and residents who helped Doug Ford in this video take off their masks, suggesting that those people are also part of the stunt.

He further added that if Doug Ford was willing to help, why did he immediately call the media to arrest him?

People’s reactions

  • Most Twitter users supported Sid Cixiro’s claim. Get to know Sid Sixiro Doug Ford.
  • Sid’s tweet has received more than 7,000 followers and has been retweeted more than 1,500 times.
  • The cited tweet received rave reviews from Twitter users who praised Sid’s bravery. Many pointed to Ford’s reckless behavior, ignoring the rules and regulations of the epidemic.
  • Social media users have blamed Doug Ford in the photo.


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