Sharon Marie Callender Pumpkin Pie

Sharon Marie Callender Pumpkin Pie Detail:- Hello friends and welcome to our official website In today’s post, we will provide real facts about this meme in the United States named Sharon Marie Callender Pumpkin Pie.

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Pumpkin pie? You may be wondering what this pumpkin pie news is about, right? We are also shocked to hear the headlines. After the evaluation, we’ve taken note of the details we’d like to share with all of you.

Let’s get to the news then. The Sharon Mary calendar Pumpkin Pie has gone viral on the internet and has caught the attention of many across the United States.

About Sharon

Sharon Weiss is one of the patrons of the California restaurant Mary Calendar, who burned her pumpkin pie and posted a photo on Mary Calendar’s Facebook page on Thanksgiving Day.

The question is, “Why is this information viral?” You may be surprised at the popularity of the post so far and the photo post has received thousands of likes. 17,000 shares and 22,000 comments. Isn’t that a post of blindness?

About Merry Calendar:

Merry Calendar is a restaurant and bakery chain with 29 branches in the United States, opened in 1948. The restaurant serves fully prepared frozen meals and desserts with quality ingredients. The restaurant is very famous and has millions of customers. The site has 95,924 followers on Facebook.

What is the origin of Pumpkin Pie Burn Meme? Meme means pumpkin pie burn, and no doubt people made it as a joke and started leaving hundreds of comments and gifs about it.

Sharon Merry Calendar Pumpkin Pie:

News about the Sharon Mary calendar pie meme burned. This meme has gone viral on the internet. As we all know, social media platforms are becoming a great source of information and many memes go viral every day.

Meme means pumpkin pie burn, and no doubt people made it as a joke and started leaving hundreds of comments and gifs about it.

We would also like to point out that all the details included here are based on internet research.

Sharon’s purchase

I made a pumpkin pie from Mary Calendar’s restaurant and tried to bake it at home. But unfortunately, he burned it and blamed Mary Calendar for his failure. On November 25, 2021, Sharon posted a photo of Mary Calendar Pumpkin Pie on Mary Calendar’s Facebook page and wrote, “Thanks for destroying the Thanksgiving dessert, Mary Calendar.”

Sharon Post Rewind:

People found the post enjoyable, and Sharon burned herself by keeping the pie in the oven for too long, commenting that it wasn’t Mary Calendar’s fault.

Following Sharon’s message, a calendar spokesperson apologized to her and wrote, “Hi Sharon, thank you for your message. We’re sorry that our pumpkin pie disappointed you. However, we’d love to contact you so we can find out more and help. You.”


After discussing the pumpkin pie of Sharon Mary Calendar, we can conclude that this news is about a woman with a burnt pumpkin pie, who blamed Mary Calendar and posted a photo of her on Facebook. However, Mary Calendar is not responsible because she burned it for not keeping time in the oven.


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