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In today’s post, we will see about the smart data assistant App. Today we are going to review a smart data assistant App called and tell you whether Real or Fake.

Please read this article completely to get answers to all your questions regarding the Saymine App.

Many sites capture our email ID and other personal data for various reasons, some legally and some illegally. helps you take ownership of your personal data. You can use my Smart Data Wizard to discover and manage your digital footprint. Use it frequently to delete your data from services you no longer use and that puts you at risk.

What is is a smart data assistant that lets you always know where your data is. You decide where your data should or shouldn’t be, and we’ll make it happen. With SayMine, you can enjoy the Internet while feeling safe.

Details: SayMine – Smart Data Assistant

  • Find your digital footprint
  • We map all the companies that hold your personal data
  • Always know where you are
  • Get a clear view of your data so you can start taking back control

How does saymineapp work?

Help reduce your online exposure

Easily understand the types of data companies collect about you and your risk appetite

Exercise your rights

Easily delete your data from services you no longer use

Keep track

Get frequent updates on where your data is and recommendations on how to protect your data.

Is is real or fake

No it’s not! The developer has hinted that this is a real smart data assistant that lets you always know where your data is.

With, you can find out which companies have your data and what kind of data they may have. You can get smart insights and recommendations based on your online behavior and risk levels to help you make informed decisions about your data.

You can then communicate with the various companies that hold your personal data from one place and ask them to delete your data if you wish!

saymineapp review

Just go to and sign in with your Google, Microsoft or Yahoo email account. Do a quick check to find out how many companies hold your data. You will be surprised by the results. You have been warned! Then, you can learn more about each company to help you decide whether to pursue their services.

You can then decide whether to recover your data – if you decide to recover it, Mine does it for you automatically. Most companies do this within 48 hours; Other companies take a little longer. It’s very easy!


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Written by Patna Motihari

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