Are Metal Pokemon Cards Real Or Fake

For years metal cards have been the only unique gift, but now fake cards are also a possibility. The Pokemon Company recently produced four official retail metal cards, opening the door to counterfeit metal cards. It is important to know Are Metal Pokemon Cards Real Or Fake?

Metal Pokemon cards are the latest trend in the super-popular trading card game. Gold-plated cards are particularly popular. Whether it’s the classic gold cards from 1999 or the third-party tributes sold on Wish and elsewhere, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding gold Pokemon cards. Here’s what you need to know about what metal Pokemon cards are, how much they cost, and how to buy them.

What are Metal Pokemon Cards?

Metal Pokemon cards are unofficial Pokemon cards covered in gold-colored material.

The most famous are the metal Pokemon cards that were included with meals at Burger King in 1999. He promoted the first Pokemon movie. There were six in total: Charizard, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Polywhirl, Mewtwo, and Togepi.

Other metal Pokemon cards are sold on Etsy, Wish, and other marketplaces. These are fan-made products that people can request.

How Much Do Metal Pokemon Cards Cost?

Metal Pokemon cards range from $20 to $50.

The prices above are for Burger King Gold Pokemon Cards. Although they are now more than 22 years old, very few of them have been produced, reducing their rarity and value.

Other metal Pokemon cards can sell for a lot more. For example, this gold Pikachu sold for $29,000. It sold for such a high price because the card was a limited edition collaboration between Nintendo and Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka.

Where to Buy Metal Pokemon Cards

  • Metal Pokemon cards can be purchased on eBay, Wish, and Etsy.
  • For an official Burger King Gold Card, eBay is your best bet. For fanmade cards, both Wish and Etsy have some interesting options.
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Are Metal Pokemon Cards Fake?

Metal Pokemon cards are unofficial Pokemon cards covered in gold-colored material. The most famous are the metal Pokemon cards that were included with meals at Burger King in 1999. At the time of release, these cards sold for $20 to $50, but the value has increased as demand has increased.

How can you tell if a metal Pokemon card is real or not?

A real map has clean, crisp print on the font. Fake print quality is low, which is best seen by looking at small text. Also compare the suits on the cards. Make sure the color saturation is the same.

Are there metal cards?

Terms apply. Both the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® are made of metal. In fact, when the Reserve debuted in 2016, it was so popular that the card issuer temporarily ran out of metal to produce more.

Are metal cards better than plastic cards?

Like plastic cards, metal cards offer a variety of perks and benefits that can offset their annual fee and earn you points that you can later redeem for near-free travel or cash. In general, metal cards carry a higher premium than plastic cards, offer higher rewards rates and more perks.


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