Pierre Omidyar Scam

The news article highlights all the important issues related to the Pierre Omidyar Scam and guides people to stay safe and stay away from scams.

Do you know about the latest scams going on on the internet? We will give you full details of the scam. The American people are afraid to find out about this phishing scam. Scammers use eBay owner Pierre Omidyar’s name to send elegant gifts.

Scammers send these messages at random, telling customers to click on a link provided, and claiming an amazing gift for themselves. The details of this Pierre Omidyar scandal are given below.

Why are the news trending?

The news became a trend when users received messages from Pierre Omidyar, an American entrepreneur, billionaire and founder of eBay. Email recipients are urged to delete it and not to click on suspicious links or provide sensitive information when asked. It is important to protect your privacy and to stay away from such scam messages. If people respond, they will be paid $ 1.9 million, the Post says.

Essential points on the Pierre Omidyar scandal

The scare scared people and when they started getting such messages, the same information flooded the social media. Upon investigation, users realized that they were not alone, and many people in the United States received the same message. The news broke and many YouTube users started making videos of memes advising people to be safe and ignore or delete mail. Scammers are trying to deceive people and their hard earned money.

Details on the Pierre Omidyar Foundation

Pierre Omidyar is an entrepreneur and philanthropist known as the founder of eBay. He served the company until 2015, providing opportunities and information to more than 150 million people worldwide. He and his wife are deeply involved in the organizations and businesses they have established through the Omidyar Group. The Foundation works independently focusing on different issues and its main goal is to create social impact and empower individuals. Recently, scammers used his name to deceive and defraud people, but fortunately no harm was done. The Pierre Omidyar scandal is one of the biggest scams to date that has cost people $ 1.9 million to click on a given link.

Full details of the scam are given here and people can read it for their confirmation.


With the advent of today’s technology, scams are on the rise. People need to keep their eyes and ears open and pay attention to everything around them, so that they can protect themselves. What do you think about this latest scandal?


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Written by Patna Motihari

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