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Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Want to know the analysis of this site? If your answer is yes, keep getting answers from e-commerce websites.

Today, the supply chain is changing so fast that everything comes down to e-commerce sites. We have everything from clothes to kitchen utensils available on this website. Similarly, we have an e-commerce platform, Payles, which sells clothing products. People in Spain, USA, UK and France are looking for Pelilys reviews. If you are one of them, read here.

About the Pelilys platform

It is an e-commerce platform that provides the latest fashion clothing from around the world. The platform offers these fashionable clothes for girls and women. In addition, they offer a variety of tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and swimwear.

According to the website, the platform claims to offer free delivery services for purchases over $ 69. In addition, the website offers a 15% discount for purchases over $ 89, a 20% discount for purchases over $ 169 and a 25% discount for purchases over $ 259.

In addition to fashion clothing, the website also offers fashion accessories, shoes for girls and women. Before answering Is Pelilys Legit, let’s look at some additional information.

Pelilys detailed details

  • Website link –
  • Product – Women’s fashion clothing
  • Domain Age – 08/01/2022
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Contact Number – Not Available
  • Company Address – Room 2226, No. 2 Kaoling Street, Zhouxi, Nancheng Street, Guangdong Province
  • Transportation costs – $ 69. Free shipping worldwide for orders
  • Shipping time – 1-5 days processing time and 5-12 days shipping time to USA and 8-15 days to other countries.
  • Return Policy – Some products can be returned within 30 days after receipt of the product.
  • Cancellation – 15% will be deducted for orders over 24 hours
  • Presence of Social Media – Website through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Payment Methods – Visa, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. Website Professional

  1. The website is protected by HTTPS
  2. Email address, company address and company name are listed on the website.
  3. The website also provides shoe size charts for customers.
  4. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos are on the site.
  5. 15%, 20% and 25% discount rates seem possible.

Disadvantages of the

  1. Free shipping is not available on orders over $ 69,000.
  2. Phone number not available.
  3. While the contact address is in China, the site only deals in USD, GBP, EUR and CAD, which seems contradictory.
  4. The name of the company, as stated on the website, is involved in the work of automation in China, which is again contradictory.

Is Pelilys legal?

  • Domain Age – This has been verified on 08-01-2022
  • Domain Expiration Date – 08-01-2023.
  • Customer Reviews – Available on the website
  • Content quality – no quality interface.
  • Owner Information – Not available on the website.
  • Policies – The policies clearly stated include return policy, shipping policy, privacy policy, intellectual property policy.
  • Trust Score – 2% A Medium Trust Score.
  • Reviews – No reviews available on Trustpilot. But the website mentions all the unbiased reviews.
  • Index Ranking – Index score is moderate at 42.7 / 100.
  • Discounts – Approved on the website
  • Address Origin – The address cannot be found on the Internet.

User reviews

According to the official website, some reviews are available for some products. However, these reviews cannot be considered accurate. Almost all reviews and ratings of websites and products are favorable. Products on the websites are rated five stars or four stars.

There are very few reviews available on social media. According to reviews available on Facebook, most users ask about rates and discounts. But even these questions do not seem to be true.

In addition to the Pelilys Review, the information available on the review sites gives the Pelilys site an extremely low trust score, which is relevant. Also, the website seems to be brand new.

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