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This article describes an educational website that provides students with free educational materials in PDF articles and online format. Learn more on pdfmandi com.

Want to know more about the websites that provide free educational materials for students in various fields? If yes, please read this article till the end to know all the relevant information related to the topic.

Indian students and various job seekers are satisfied with the availability of educational materials online. The website also contains important dates and updates related to students’ academic careers.

Keep reading to understand more important features and information related to pdfmandi com.

About pdfmandi website

The PDFmandi website is created by teacher Ramkishan Maurya, who is also an expert in web design. The purpose of launching the website was to distribute free educational materials online to all students across the country.
The website has been developed in Hindi language and the interface of the website is designed for easy access to young students. The portal also provides various informative details related to exam dates and application process.
PDFMandy also gives users the option to install free PDF files to gain more knowledge on specific topics.

pdfmandi.com specification

  • The website has a trust score of 35% and a low trust score due to hidden domain names.
  • The website was created in two years and the domain will expire in one year, resulting in low credibility.
  • The domain was created on December 16, 2020, and will expire on December 16, 2022.
  • The age of the domain is one year, two months and twenty one days.
  • The design of the website is simple and basic and all the important content, news and topics are listed on the homepage.

User reviews

  1. No site user reviews for pdfmondi.com are available on the Trustpilot and ScamDoc platforms.
  2. User reviews for the PDFmandi website are also not available on major social media platforms.

More information on the PDFMandy website

  1. The schedule of upcoming exams for the 2022 academic year is different on the website.
  2. PDFmandi provides board exam schedules for various Indian states.
  3. Some schedules are designed so that they can be displayed as WhatsApp status.
  4. PDFmandi also allows students to view their exam results.
  5. The website provides various materials for educating students by providing PDF files and study materials. Learn pdfmandi com.
  6. Subjects include Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Hindi etc.
  7. Another feature provided by the website is the online question bank for polytechnic students.
  8. Polytechnic students can access a collection of free questions on chemistry, physics, mathematics and more.
  9. A set of previous year’s model questions and queries is also available for 12th graders.


PDFMandi aims to provide free online education and does not charge for website content. Provide information as an Internet user; Always beware of spammers.


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