Noom Class Settlement

For details on the legal settlement of a healthcare application and its benefits to the client, read the Noom Class Settlement below.

Are you a customer of Noam Health app and looking for updates on settlement cases filed by their dissatisfied customers? This publication can help you because it contains all the necessary updates on the complaint and the final settlement filed by the plaintiff and the company.

The lawsuit was filed by an angry customer of a weight loss program app in the United States who was defrauded by the company. The two parties have reached an agreement and the company is expected to pay $ 62 million as part of the NoomClass settlement.

Noom Health App Grievance Redressal:

Health app Noom has settled in court with customers who have suffered losses due to its auto-renewal program. Some customers felt cheated during the trial because they were unwilling to purchase a paid membership plan and were forced to do so.

Some essential elimination points are listed below.

Customers who subscribe only through the company’s website or mobile app are eligible for payment.
Membership plans must be purchased between May 12, 2012 and October 6, 2020.
The total amount due for settlement is $ 62 million, $ 56 million in payments and $ 6 million to be credited to the customer.

How much will each customer receive as part of the Noom Class Action Settlement?

It should be noted that customers who have purchased a plan on the company’s website under the Class Membership Plan will be paid as part of the settlement. There are two classes under the Class Membership Scheme, Sub-Class A and Sub-Class B.

  • Approximately $ 167 will be paid for subclass A members.
  • Similarly, 30 will be paid for subclass B members.
  • Members will receive 6 million in credits.

Most customers do not receive their chargeback and refund from the company. Those who have purchased their subscription through Play Store and iTunes are not class members and are not eligible for payment under Noom Class Action Settlement.

Reasons to file a complaint against Noom Health App:

According to Noon Health Services, proper coaching, techniques and advice can help people lose weight. Most customers were taking advantage of the trial plan, but it was automatically upgraded to group membership.

  • Customers could not cancel their subscription online and were upgraded to a premium plan.
  • He felt that the terms and conditions of the subscription plan were not mentioned on the website.
  • Membership auto-renewal terms were unclear to most customers.

A customer filed a lawsuit in court after a health app company alleged fraud.

Other Benefits of Noom Class Settlement for Customers:

  • The first 100,000 Subcategory B members to apply will be eligible for a free health app product for one month.
  • When redeeming a subscription, customers will be charged an extra month.
  • When the credit is renewed, the non-member will be given a promo code or voucher.


Most class members will receive a settlement notice from the company via Facebook, Instagram or messaging services. For others, they can visit Noom’s website or call the company at 1-844-999-246.


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Customers of Health App Services can submit their comments in the comments section of the Nome Class Settlement.

Written by Patna Motihari

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