Nexea Scam

This article is familiar with all the basic news related to Nexea Scam. It helps to know how to prevent such illegal activities.

Do you often receive unauthorized calls and scam messages on your phone? We recently received a query about a site in Malaysia. The event was promoted by unauthorized persons on behalf of Nexea Angels SDN BHD. They promise high returns with negligible risk factors.

This article contains all the legal details and investment details about the Nexea scam. Read the full article before choosing to invest in this site.

Dangerous fraudulent information about Nexea

Scammers use company names and logos to offer effective investment plans with surprisingly high returns. The company name used in this process is Nexea. Scammers use WhatsApp to spread rumors and plans.

All online platforms have been alerted and asked to be aware of these fraudulent trading schemes. Your privacy and your personal information should be taken seriously while protecting the general interest.

Notice of Nexea scam

Official company Nexea claims that it does not offer silver, gold, cryptocurrency, real estate investments or precious metals in its investment transactions. They only prefer investments related to startups.

We suggest that you do not fall into this trap and avoid applying for unauthorized investment programs. Nexea Company provides services only through its official portal.

Tips that can save you from cheating

The company does its best to report any such illegal transactions. They have zero tolerance for such activities and are determined to punish the Nexea scam through law enforcement.

  • If you receive a suspicious text message, call or email claiming to be from Nexea scam, we suggest that you do not take it, visit the links or open the email attachment.
  • Check the validity of these calls or messages with the team at the contact number and email provided on the official website.
  • You are asked to report the sender to the team so that they can be beaten.
  • People are advised to inquire into the company before accepting the job and investment offers provided by Nexea Scam.
  • Beware of plans and messages with spelling mistakes or promise unrealistic returns on investment.

What causes this trend on the internet?

Officials have found that part-time job scams are circulating on WhatsApp. They use the company name Nexea to lure victims.

A report has been filed against this investment program and the source who provided the jobs. Fraudulent investors demand money and promise higher returns in return, sources said.


According to online sources, many victims have reported the Nexea scam. Authorities have warned people to beware of text messages or WhatsApp emails received under the Nexea source name. He was asked to report the sources to the official Nexea team.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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