Netjobsall Real or Fake

Today I came across the Netjobsall website while searching for data entry jobs. When I clicked on the link, it looked like a normal real website because the website was well structured and all the required things were there.

There were many tasks like data entry, editing, proofreading, etc. They charged ₹99 for activation. There were two options to activate and start working: UPI and Bank Transfer. I chose the UPI app GeePay. It looked genuine so I paid ₹99. Then when I logged in again, I was asked to pay Rs 99 again. I was not redirected to another screen to start work or confirm payment. Then I went to the website again and the same page appeared for the first time.

This is how I got scammed because it is a fake website that aims to scam money. It comes under cyber crime and some fraudsters steal money from innocent citizens without giving anything to people in return. I request the concerned authority to help me recover my money (₹99) and to report and shut down the website so that no one else falls victim to the scam…

Netjobsall Real or Fake


About Netjobsall

When we try to get a job online we have to visit Netjobsall. We can then log into this process. He asked for an admission fee of Rs 99 so that I could fill out the application. After this payment, I will not be able to understand and see the login option and when I leave this page it will not appear…

There are no jobs available here (Netjobsall) and I have tried many times but there is no update so I want to cancel my membership and refund my money immediately. This is a scam website…

Netjobsall website is real or fake:

When we came to know about this website we checked it and found that this website is completely insecure. There are many reasons why a website is insecure, such as the website not being built properly.

Complete information about what is currently being done on this site is not available there, complete information about the owner is not provided and there are many reasons why this site is not secure. Guys, we do not recommend this site to you because there are chances that you will get cheated by it.

Netjobsall Real or Fake

We inform you about the defects found on the Netjobsall.

  • Netjobsall website registration is Rs. 99 which is wrong.
  • According to the Netjobsall website, you need to register there first, then you will get the job. But when our team member registered for the job and transferred the money, he did not get any work and to date no refund.
  • Complete information about the work done on the Netjobsall site is not provided on this site.
  • Netjobsall website offers very attractive plans which are not good at all.
  • If you want to contact the developer of Netjobsall, it is not possible because the Netjobsall website does not provide any developer or owner information.
  • Netjobsall website was earlier used to scam people in the name of Simpleyearnonline.
  • When we checked the Netjobsall website, we did not find any registration details there.

If a scam happens to you on the Netjobsall website, who will take responsibility? Because no contact information is provided on this website.



So according to our review, Netjobsall is not safe at all, it is insecure. Therefore, we will not ask you at all about the functioning of this website.

Written by Prince Rai

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