Money Quiz Real Or Fake

Apps that offer cash rewards just for playing games have spread like the plague in the past two years.

They are addictive marketing machines designed to keep you playing for hours and watching an incredible number of sponsored videos.

Many people wonder if the Money Quiz Real Or Fake and if they will get paid in the end. I have written this review to explain how this app works and to give my honest opinion about it.

What is the Money Quiz app?

Money Quiz App is an online platform that claims that you can earn money from the comfort of your home. It pays to play trivia games.

How to join the Money Quiz app?

Joining the Money Quiz app is easy. You need to download the Money Quiz app on your mobile device. It only supports the Android platform.

So, you can find this money quiz app on the play store for android devices. It is not available on the App Store for iOS.

Once installed, open the form and fill it out by entering details like your gender and age. You can sign up with a Google account or Facebook account or email address and then give some permissions and accept terms of service and privacy policy and earn money on the quiz app.

How does the Money Quiz app work?

The Money Quiz app pays you to play trivia games. Once installed open your Money Quiz app.

There are tournaments where you can play to earn more coins. Choose a tournament and play within the time limit. You will be asked 12 questions divided into three groups: easy, medium, and difficult.

Answer a question in 10 seconds and get points. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more coins you earn.

Take on challenges where you can challenge random opponents and win coins by answering trivia questions about technology, animals, politics, language, world mythology, science, or art. The minimum bet is 5 coins.

You can also play trivia games where you have to answer trivia questions. There are more than 16 different categories in which you will be asked questions, eg. B. History, Science, Sports, Movies, TV Series, Geography, Cars, General Knowledge.

You must collect more points than answers. To get the most points, you must answer 12 trivia questions correctly as quickly as possible. The person with the highest global score will be included in the leaderboard. So the more you play, the more coins you will get.

You can also invite or recommend your friends and family to the Money Quiz app to get more tickets.

How do you earn?

Initially, you will be paid in the form of coins and gems, which can then be converted into monetary value. In this app, you have to play a trivia game. You get a certain amount of coins and gems for watching videos or ads.

Winning a tournament will give you a full reward like 100 coins or 200 gems, but finishing low will give you smaller coins depending on your position.


  • It only pays you through gift cards
  • Money Quiz app is easy and free to take
  • Gift vouchers can be redeemed at various stores like Amazon, Steam, etc.
  • The minimum withdrawal threshold is only $10
  • You can earn through competitions, challenges, and more.


  • It is not offered by Bitcoin and PayPal
  • The reward is very small if you are not at the top of the leaderboard.
  • The app is spammy and has many bugs.

Money Quiz Real Or Fake

Money Quiz app is not a scam. This gives you a chance to earn rewards for playing trivia games. It claims that you can pay cash only with Amazon gift cards, Steam vouchers, and many other gift cards.

When someone joins your referral link, you get 15 gems. You can earn coins by participating in tournaments, challenging strangers, and watching videos

But when you go to the reward section for your payment, you get a message saying the reward system is not available, which means you can’t withdraw your earnings.

Money Quiz app has a 2.3 rating on the play store. You can join the Money Quiz app only to play quizzes and pass time, not to earn money.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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