Moe Dunford Texas Massacre

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Are you a fan of horror movies? Did you know that Netflix is ​​enjoying a reboot of the old Kim Henkel Toby Hooper movie, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’? Are you a Mo Dunford fan? Did you know that Mo Dunford is featured as the main character in the Netflix movie?

Want to know more about the Mo Dunford Texas Massacre movie? When will the movie launch on Netflix in the UK, Germany and US?

About Moe Dunford Texas Massacre

Moe Dunford is a famous Irish actor who played the role of “Richter” in the Netflix movie. Mo Dunford was born on 11 December 1987 in Dungarwan, County Waterford, Ireland.

Moe Dunford graduated from the Getty School of Acting in June 2009. Moe became famous for his roles and roles in the Dunford Vikings, The Dig, Knockdust, and Patrick Day.

Moe Dunford is said to have an Irish influence in the Netflix movie. He has received nominations for 12 major awards, including 6 Vikings, The Dig, and Patrick’s Day.

The crew of the Mo Dunford massacre in Texas:

  • Production companies: Legendary Entertainment, Xarbia Films and Bad Hombre.
  • Distributor: Netflix.
  • Publication Date: February 18, 2022.
  • Cast: Moe Dunford, Sarah, Mark, Elsie, Jacob, Olwen, Jessica, Alice, Nell, Chelsea, Gina, Marisol and Jesse.
  • Director: David Blue Garcia.
  • Photography Director: Ricardo.
  • Producers: Herbert, Fed, Ian, Kim and Pat.
  • Executive producers: Shintaro and J.
  • Duration: 81 minutes
  • English language.
  • Screenwriter: Chris.
  • Product Designer: Michelle.
  • Publisher: Christopher.
  • Composer: Colin.
  • Dress: Olga.
  • Described by: John.
  • Photography: Ricardo.
  • Music: Colin.


Five friends travel to the remote village of Harlow to start a business in the village where the Mo Dunford Texas massacre took place.

Melody, Dante and other friends go to a house and are surprised to see that the house is still occupied. Ms. Mack claimed that she was still a house teacher.

An argument broke out between Melody and Mrs. Mack, who suffered a heart attack and collapsed. He is taken to the hospital with Ruth and an old man.

Mrs. Mack died in the ambulance. The mysterious old man goes out of control and kills the paramedic.

Richter hides the keys of a local mechanic’s car. Moe has the role of Mo Richter in Dunford Texas Masscre, who offers to return the keys with documents of ownership of a friend’s house.

The old man cuts off Mrs. Mack’s face in a leather mask and returns to Harlow for revenge. And a series of Leather Facial Massacres is on display.


The only survivor of the latest leather-faced massacre has appealed to friends for help. But, the leather face comes alive after all the effort. Before going home, Leather’s face is finally shown dancing on the street with Melody’s head.


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