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Jim Ramsay is a well-known WGN employee in the United States. He graduated from South Carolina and joined WGN in 1987. Jim is trendy in North Carolina.

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Who is Jim Ramsay?

We’re sorry to hear that Jim Ramsay, a former WGN employee, has passed away. After retiring from WGN in 2017, it was a full deal for the Saturday Night Mets. In his 42 years working in radio, Ramsay has spent most of his time at WGN. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1975. He then worked in Colorado before moving to Chicago around 1987. In 2017, Ramsay retired from the station after working there for 30 years. He handled weekend and morning shows while Tom Skilling was away.

What happened to Jim Weatherman 2022?

Channel WGN announced the death of meteorologist Jim Ramsay. However, no mention was made of the cause of his death. The Sun Report will soon release the death information. The station commended him on his 42nd year as a journalist. WGN’s morning was brightened by his wacky humor. Jim was 69 when he died. After completing his education, he started his career as a news reporter. After retirement, he visited WGN and enjoyed it immensely.

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According to Jim Weatherman 2022, he worked as a news and weather reporter for ABC’s WLS-Channel 7 in Chicago in 1980. His previous experiences include North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia. He moved to ABC 7 for three years before moving to WGN in 1987 and spent time in Washington, D.C. Spent four years at the ABC station WJLA in. Replacing Tom Skilling and Weekend Weathercaster for more than a decade, he was WGN’s weekend weather forecaster. Social media users began paying tribute to meteorologists after his death, leading to a social media tsunami. Ramsay’s fans have been waiting for his new introduction since childhood.

Jim Weatherman Death and Death 2022

Her family also received a large number of condolences. However, the will is not complete. As soon as possible, his family and place of work will announce the details of his funeral.


According to the findings, the network announced Friday that 69-year-old news anchor Dale Wilcox, who had brought his baritone voice and kindness to the network’s news show for three decades, has died. He handled the Morning and Weekend shows and replaced Tom Skilling.


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