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Are you a Netflix streamer? Do you like to watch two-way periodical dramas? If so, you may have heard or seen Bridgeton.

Bridgeton is one of the most popular Netflix TV shows, and its protagonist Jonathan Bailey has caught the attention of netizens around the world. The famous actor has also made headlines for famous media companies where he was seen spending some time with his loved ones.

Now let’s explore the relationship between James Ellis and Jonathan Bailey.

What is Jonathan Bailey’s current relationship status?

According to the latest media reports, Jonathan Bailey was recently spotted at a restaurant with James Ellis. The news spread everywhere and became a topic of discussion in the entertainment world. According to sources, the photo was taken a few days ago at a restaurant (located north of England) in which the actor is seen having a good time with his boyfriend. Rumors about their relationship are nothing new in the entertainment world. But, after their photos were recently released, internet users believe they are in a relationship.

James Ellis Jonathan Bailey – What Do Recent Photos Say?

Sources have revealed some cute moments of Jonathan Bailey and James Ellis in the form of photos, which eventually created a craze among fans of Anthony Bridgeton (Jonathan’s character name in the Bridgetan TV show). The news demands that these photos show the situation, possibly the latest billing incident.

Bailey appears to be trying to collect a bill from Alice; However, it seems that Alice is in the mood to pay the bill. The report also states that when James Alice hangs out with Jonathan Bailey, some fans approach Bailey and Alice to show their love and affection for their favorite actor. They warmly welcome their fans.

Who are Jonathan Bailey and James Ellis?

Bailey is a British actor born April 25, 1988. He began his acting career at an early age when he first appeared in the famous Royal Shakespeare Company plays “A Christmas Carol” and “King John”. He won the Best Newcomer award at the 2012 Evening Standard Theater Awards. He also won the “Best Supporting Actor in a Musical” award in 2019. Ellis is a successful actor after James Ellis Jonathan Bailey. And recently had a place in a restaurant with Jonathan. The actor was caught sharing his adorable moments in England.


Our partner team found that Bailey and Alice have not made any announcements about their relationship, as their social media is not even aware of it. But, according to reports, netizens around the world are making statements about their relationship.


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