It is a new coin pusher game developed by DorabMonkey for Android users. It is a crazy and relaxing game that promises more fun for the players. The game includes tons of coins to unlock, fast coin rewards, and crazy fruit collection. The gameplay is simple but addictive. Players insert coins into the machine to get more coins and prizes.

The more coins a player collects, the more rewards he can get. With lots of coins to spend and fast coin rewards, players can enjoy the game more and have a chance to win big.

The game also includes a collection of crazy fruits that add more excitement to the game. Overall, Jackpot Lucky Pusher App is a fun and exciting game for anyone who loves coin-pushing games. It is free to download and run, making it accessible to everyone. Try it now and see if you can become a master jackpot pusher!

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Jackpot Lucky Pusher App is the owner of this coin-sending app which generated many lucky pusher reviews last year. Although it started positively, it did not last that way for long.

Initially, players saw rewards and gift cards, but in recent months the numbers began to decline. The complex is attractive to fans of this sport. You put coins in one slot and the other coins are pushed down the box until they fall in a blizzard. There is also the promise of a giant coin that will remove many others from the board and bring a big prize.

One of the most attractive features is the arcade theme, which you can change with some prizes. If you run out of coins, you have to wait for a timer before you can claim more coins. You don’t have to pay for any of them.

The question arises: How do the app and developers make money to pay you when you win? Well, this may be the reason why some players get enough rewards or lucky pusher app reviews that they can’t withdraw money.


Jackpot Lucky Pusher App


  • With a fresh, intuitive experience and classic, fun controls.
  • Bright colors and vibrant coin graphics.
  • Experience realistic physics games with coin mining.
  • Big jackpot prizes and countless Chinese prizes.

Suitable for all groups of people, you can share the fun with your friends or family.

How to play this App?

  • The more coins you collect, the better your rewards. Pop the coins and collect them.
  • Find all currencies and rewards for great prizes and game bonuses.
  • With many practical and cool props, you’ll master the levels quickly.

Have fun at the touch of a button with Jackpot Lucky Pusher.


Classic and fun gameplay: The game is easy to learn but hard to master. You can enjoy the classic coin dozer experience with a new, intuitive experience.

Vibrant Graphics and Colors: This game has bright and attractive graphics and vibrant coin graphics that will captivate you.

Realistic Physics Game Experience: This game simulates the realistic physics of Coin Diner, allowing you to experience the thrill of flipping coins and collecting prizes.

Huge Jackpot Wins: The Lucky Pusher Jackpot has many ways to win with regular jackpots and huge fantastic jackpots.

Lots of ceramic prizes: In addition to the jackpot, you can also collect various ceramic prizes, including figurines, figurines, and other decorative items.

Suitable for all ages: This game is suitable for players of all ages and can be played by family and friends.

No purchase is required, but you can earn gift cards: While the game costs nothing to download and play, you can earn actual gift cards by collecting coins and completing missions.

Jackpot Lucky Pusher App


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