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About recent worldly answers released its 285th word game on March 31, 2022, causing confusion among online word gamers. Many people found the game very difficult and the puzzle players came up with various solutions including their supporting stories.

The last two words were “LY” and with that signal people kept coming up with different words on social media platforms which ended in “LY”. Of all the words, “HOWLY” was the most misunderstood and discovered among social media users. Learn all the relevant information about Howly Game.

What is Wordle?

  • Wordley was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, just to entertain his spouse.
  • The game then spread from couples to their family members and interest in their creation; He eventually released the game online.
  • Word games were developed with a simple design with a square box to enter five-letter words.
  • The square boxes also indicate the player by displaying gray, yellow and green colors depending on the accuracy of the words entered by the player.

Howley Wardley

  • The pun had two important notations, the first of which mentions that the word begins with “L&O”.
  • The second sign available was that the word ends in “L&Y”.
  • The answer to the above hints is “low”, the correct answer to the last word.
  • The player can use the color hints provided by Wordle after rendering the word to find the most accurate word.
  • If you see a yellow color on the wordle box, try mixing the words.

Word matching word hints

Below are the Howly Wordle words (words starting with “LO”) that match the first sign:

  • Lousy
  • Locus
  • Lofty
  • Lorry
  • Loser
  • Lodge
  • Loyal
  • Loose
  • Logic
  • Lower
  • Local
  • Lowly

The words that match with the second hint (words that end with “LY”) are mentioned below:

  • Belly
  • Holly
  • Silly
  • Rally
  • Lowly
  • Billy
  • Badly
  • Daily
  • Fully
  • Early


Wordle is a popular online word game and every puzzle is trending. However, at the end of the 285th game, the World Players were confused by the correct answer, “HOWLY” instead of “LOWLY”.


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