Guru Trade 7 Real Or Fake

Guru Trade 7 reviews really pay so this work Is Guru Trade 7 Real Or Fake? Your review will be in this short article so read this post till the end to get proper information about this app.

What is Guru Trade 7 App?

You must have heard about an online trading app called GuruTrade 7 that claims to make you a lot of money. Currently, the GuruTrade 7 app is only available on the Android platform.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Waiting time: – 24 hours to 5 days


  • Network failure.
  • No referral program
  • Minimum deposit – 100 rupees
  • Phone support is not available
  • License or certificate lost.
  • Limited withdrawal options.

Guru Trade 7 Customer Service No

If you have any problem, you can call Guru Trade 7 customer service number to solve your problem. However, let us tell you that this company does not provide customer service but has an official Gmail. So I want to contact you. Ideas should be commented below.

If you face any problem while working here bring your own and if you want you can mail to this useless gmail id: [email protected], if you don’t know Guru Trade 7 customer service number copy and paste. By all means, share your thoughts on Friends.

Guru Trade 7 Owner

Every company in the world has its own owner, but no one knows who is the owner or founder of Guru Trade 7. The location, not even the name, is given on Google, so it is clear that one day the whole world will disappear and one day no one can do anything.

How To withdraw from Guru Trade 7 App?

Let us tell you that Trading Guru 7 payout is 300 rupees. Once your account reaches Rs.300 you can withdraw money. You can withdraw only 5 times a day. Otherwise, Guru Trade7’s minimum withdrawal is also Rs. There will be no pullback below 300.

Guru Trade 7 Tactics

You can find many online trading tips and tricks on Google, but for your information, I want to tell you that Guru Trade 7 tricks don’t work because everyone bets on rising country currency. Started, that is, everything is observed.

Guru Trade 7 Wiki

Let me tell you that many people write Trade 7 Guru Wikipedia and search on Google whether Trade Guru 7 really makes money or not. Wikipedia has no information about this application.

Is Guru Trading 7 is legal in India?

Now you know that Indian government has absolutely nothing against this app. Let us tell you that the government has nothing against this app because even though it is a gambling-like game there are some rules and regulations that make the game a little different because Guru Trade 7 is legal in India. Go means this application is running. You can play freely in India.


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