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Are you looking for an elegant midi dress? Here you will find the same and Deuyo buyer reviews.

Do you like winter sales? Want to buy a two-piece set? Here you will find all the same information so keep in touch till the end.

Many online portals today offer winter sales in many countries, including Canada, USA, etc. Every girl wants to wear great and stylish outfits like casual dress, mini, midi, maxi dress, sweatshirt and much more.

Here we are also telling you about a pair that offers a collection of stylish girls clothes like sweatshirts, dresses, casual outfits etc.

Let’s go and collect buyer reviews from Duyo.

About is an e-commerce catwalk that offers a variety of unique items, such as casual clothing, apparel, sweatshirts, winter collections with sales, and more.

By exploring the URL of the website, we found that there are all sorts of important issues like policies and payment methods. There is also a hot sale on the website. All product details are visible with the products. The website also has social media traffic.

If you want to buy goods, please read all the details carefully and check: Is Duyo legal or scam?

Details about Deuyo

  • Portal URL is
  • Email support is mentioned, i.e. [email protected].
  • Contact number is also available i.e. +447482875871.
  • The company address shared for direct travel is XBPinternational LTD, 145-157st. John Street, London England EC1V 4PW.
  • Facebook and Instagram links have been shared, and both are working and driving traffic to the portal.
  • The website offers products related to girls’ clothing such as winter collections, casual clothes, dresses and much more.
  • Shopper Duo reviews are available on social media sites like Trust Pilot and Facebook.
  • He sells the goods. A promo code is available on the site.
  • Accepts refunds / refunds within 30 days of receipt.
  • Website secures certificates with HTTP and SSL integration.

What are favorable ratings?

  1. The portal has shared all the contact details like company address, contact number etc.
  2. On this site, you can pay online through Paypal, Visa, MasterCard etc.
  3. User reviews are available from Deuyo and people are satisfied with the products.
  4. It offers coupons for sale, in addition, the website offers winter sales.
  5. It has a very stylish and unique collection.

What are the negative points?

  1. The portal is about 3.5 months old.
  2. The portal has an awesome ranking and trust index.
  3. The website shared the copied company address, i.e. fake.
  4. The prices of products are very high and the middle class cannot afford them.

But before we start buying and placing an order, we need to verify the authenticity, so go ahead.

Deuyo scam that is legal?

We have some points that help to show the reality:

  1. The website has a 1% trust rating, which is bad.
  2. It gets a trust rating of 14.4 out of 100, which sounds awful.
  3. The creation date of the portal domain is 07/12/2021.
  4. The portal will be closed soon on 07/12/2022.
  5. The owner’s information is hidden, so I don’t know the name of the CEO.
  6. Website content is copied from other websites.
  7. Facebook, Instagram pages available
  8. Deuyo user reviews can be found on Trust Pilot, websites and social media
  9. It is proud of its variety of items like winter clothes, casual clothes and much more.
  10. All the policy points and other details like product sales and details are also mentioned on the website.

The above description does not fulfill the validity of the website and creates confusion among the readers. Also, the website looks suspicious, but do your research and read all the features carefully before ordering. customer reviews

Deuyo is an online shopping website as girls’ clothes are available on this portal at very affordable rates.

We found buyer reviews on websites, trust pilots and social media sites. Some are negative, Maxium reviews are positive and people find good quality items.


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