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Crazy Drop Legit News Articles will verify the validity of the application and give its unbiased opinion to the readers.

Are you lucky enough to get real money in your account without any effort? Can you win real money playing online games? An app has recently become popular in South Africa, Nigeria, and the Philippines as players have reported winning real money. So, does the app live up to its claims?

We will provide Crazy Drops app review and validation. Let’s see if the Crazy Drop app is legit or not.

What is a drop?

Drop is a loyalty program for mobile devices that was founded in 2015 by a Canadian company called Drop Technologies Inc.

It rewards users for connecting their credit cards and spending at their favorite brands like McDonald’s, Bestbuy, Forever 21, Walmart, Adidas, Zara, and more.

You can also earn rewards when you travel with Uber.

Crazy Drop Game Reviews:

This does not appear to be a legitimate site. The game is simple and is getting popular recently as some people said that the app pays just by tapping the screen and turning on the light bulb. But we are here to give you an unbiased review of this game.

  • You can play this game in your free time to entertain yourself and pass the time.
  • Do not consider this application as a way to win and play on it.
  • Users claim to get paid but many users are blocked and do not get paid.
  • So, from a crazy drop game review, we can say that Paypal earning real money using the app is completely bogus.
  • We advise our readers to stay away from such claims.
  • Also, if one wants to play the game for entertainment purposes, he can go ahead.
  • What is Crazy Drop Game?
  • This app is developed by DoraBmonkey and claims to provide an amazing gaming experience. If you get anything in coins, it challenges your skill and your luck.

Instructions to play the game are simple:

  1. Tap the screen on the coins.
  2. Use token bulbs for bonus tokens.
  3. Turn on all the light bulbs provided to activate the coin rain.

Is Crazy Drop Legal?

If you are playing this game to earn money then we tell you that you will not get paid. After you play and complete a level to withdraw, it will take longer than necessary and sometimes the server will time out.

Also, local banks have no choice but to make the payment successfully. Additionally, the app displays USD mining options. However, it is clear that USD mining is not a child’s play and hence, we can say that it is a scam. So the answer to Crazy Drop Legit is no, a big no.

Another thing to add is that there are a lot of interruptions during gameplay with ads and redeeming prizes; You need to see ads. We can clearly say that developers will get all the benefits.

Crazy Drop Game Features:

Simple and hassle-free ordering
Attractive user interface and addictive gameplay
You can earn tokens even if you are not connected to the internet or offline.


  • The application has strict security measures to protect your banking and personal data.
  • There is no dearth of cashback offers.
  • There are many gift cards to choose from.


  • No PayPal or other cash prizes.
  • Many complain about difficulty linking cards, missing dots, and poor customer service.

Note: The information we have provided here is based on online findings, which we have helped our readers to gain knowledge about this application.


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