Class Alligator Landing Ship

The news article guides us on the most famous Class Alligator Landing Ship of the Russian Navy and how it was destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian navy uses a class landing ship under the name Alligator report provided by NATO. The design of the project was started by the Ministry of Naval Affairs in 1959. Of the four options, Defense chose the most powerful option. The ship has a capacity of 1000 tons and about 300 to 425 soldiers.

The ship is known worldwide for its powerful features and has completed 11 missions in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Alligator-class landing ships were destroyed in the recent war between Russia and Ukraine.

About news

According to recent reports, Ukrainian forces destroyed the landing ship with a ballistic missile. The attack took place on March 24, when the ship was docked in Bardiansk, causing a huge explosion on board. Shortly after the explosion, the other ships quickly ran for their lives.

The death toll among the Russians is still unknown. There is no visual confirmation yet, but it is clear that the landing craft became neutral after the attack.

Essentials about Russian alligator-class landing ship

Now, this section highlights some important points in this news.

  • The attack was undoubtedly the most significant loss to the Russian navy since the beginning of the war. They had no idea what caused the big explosion on their landing ship.
  • The alligator-class landing ship was deployed to supply Russian troops with the necessary logistics to counter the force in the region.
  • The loss of the ship increased the will of the Ukrainian army and they will fight positively from now on

People’s reaction to the alligator-class landing ship

The effective attack of the Ukrainian army has lifted the morale of the Ukrainian people and they are feeling a little relieved. Since Ukraine does not have anti-ship missiles, this was the only proven way to neutralize ships at sea, not at sea. Ukraine took advantage of this rare opportunity and used it to destroy warships as efficiently as possible. The people of Ukraine are delighted to learn of the loss of the Russian navy and pray fervently for an end to this war. News of the sinking of the Russian alligator-class landing ship flooded social media and people praised the attack.


People around the world are shocked to hear this news and are ready to cheer on the Ukrainian people. The attack on the ship is a great loss to the Russian navy and now we can wait for the next move of the Russian army. What do you think of the alligator-class landing ship? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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