Chelsea Lazkani Mother

This article is about the rising star of the Netflix show “Selling Sunset”. Also, how Chelsea Lazkani Mother affects her daughter’s life.

Do you have any idea about the lifestyle of Chelsea Lazcani? Chelsea Lazcani is a newcomer to the hit show “Selling Sunset” on Netflix. She is a British Nigerian and works in real estate. Chelsea and her mother have traveled to various countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Chelsea’s mother allowed him to travel with her and visit many places to understand business strategies and marketing style. Read this article to know more about Chelsea Lazcani, mother of 2.

Chelsea Lazkani as mother.

Chelsea is a mother of two with husband Jeff. She married Jeff in 2017. They have one child and a granddaughter named Maddox Ali Lavon and Melia Mann. Maddox is 2 years old, while Melia is 9 months old. Chelsea had children at a very young age. She lives with her husband and 2 children. Chelsea is happy to be a mother and to provide good care and a good lifestyle for its children. She also takes her children to shows and shootings.

Who is the mother of Chelsea Lazcani?

Elizabeth Edifioye is the mother of Chelsea Lajcani. He was born in 1968 and served as chief public officer at Emerson in 2022. He also worked in early European companies. In 2012, Elizabeth also served as Vice President of Novartis Consumer Health. Elizabeth has extensive work experience in various companies and fields. This is a good reason for the good development of Chelsea as Elizabeth takes her on every trip and place and allows her to follow her hobbies since childhood. This encourages Chelsea to be a role model for everyone.

Chelsea Lazcani is moving forward in life.

Chelsea Lazkani, a mother of two, has not given up on modeling and marketing. At an early age she became a real estate agent in Los Angeles. He worked with the band Oppenheim before joining the cast of Sailing Sunset.

Among the cast of Sailing Sunset, she is the only black woman in the entire series and is identified as Black Barbie in the trailer. Chelsea has a unique lifestyle and loves to do photo modeling shoots. You can watch Chelsea in the fifth season of Selling Sunset which will be available on Netflix on April 22. Chelsea Lazcani’s mother had a significant impact on her life. He helped Chelsea develop a passion for modeling and design. Chelsea had great success and worked in real estate and architecture.


In the upcoming season of Sailing Sunset you can now see Chelsea Lazkani as Black Barbie. Are you excited for Chelsea Lazcani to become the next female actress to sell Sunset? Also, write your opinion about the good quality of Chelsea in the comments section below which will inspire you. To learn more about Chelsea Lazkani’s mother.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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