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Today, we’ll examine, an online job search website, and find out whether is Real Or Fake.


You may have heard of an online job placement website called Launched in 2019, is a website that claims anyone can land their dream job in no time. They work to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity and provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. Real or Fake:

After researching the internet and various consumer forums, we found many people sharing their experiences on, which are neither very good nor bad. From our research, appears to be safe, but there are some major issues that make it questionable.

Request Registration Fee:

As we all know, many job search websites do not charge registration fees.

But recently our team member registered on After completing the registration process, he receives a spam call from demanding registration fee. This raises doubts whether is legitimate or not.

Scam jobs:

Here at we have found some unsecured jobs. Many claimed to have been duped into bogus jobs.

Jobs from unverified sources: contains jobs from unverified sources.

How to Scam a Job Posting

If the job posting doesn’t mention the job description, try to find out if the candidate receives a commission or a salary. Candidates must explain all the details regarding the pay scale, how it will be paid and when it will be paid. If the company does not agree with you on an hourly rate or salary, you should give up on the idea of applying there.

A job interview

The interview should be formal and always rely on face-to-face communication rather than phone interviews. Scammers also conduct unethical interviews which are very dangerous.

Jobs in Smart Bazaar from

Reliance Smart Bazaar Reliance Retail Ltd. One of the largest commercial buildings in India. They climb to new heights every day. Recently, Reliance launched Smart Bazaar stores. Reliance Smart Bazaar is a complete family fashion store that offers real value for money to its customers. review

According to top review sites like TrustPilot, which gives this site a 2.9 rating and customer feedback as well:

Jodu Pradhan J.P.

Fake website. I tried today but wasted time, Can’t submit anything


This is a fake website. They divert traffic on the job. Please don’t fill any form because they earn by clicking ads. You just click on the ads and it won’t go any further. Please beware of such scammers.


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