Accident Lac Bouchette

The Lac Bouchette accident happened yesterday and is now under investigation. Please read the detailed news in our article below.

Did you hear about the incident in Canada yesterday? Are you interested in learning about this accident? The accident was fatal and claimed the lives of innocent people. However, questions remain as to whose death it was, where it came from and the cause of the accident.

Millions of Bouchet accidents became the headlines of the day. So, let’s see every detail of the incident in this post.

What happened at Lac Bouchette?

We are talking about the horrific accident that happened in the city of Lac Bouchette on Saturday evening. The collision was fatal, occurred in the evening and lasted for about an hour or two.

It is said that three snowmobilers, who were trying to cross Route 155 at the same time, had an accident. Unfortunately, one of the three was hit by a van. Accident at Lac Bouchette, paramedic team indicated that a 50-year-old man died instantly.

What was the cause of the accident?

People gathered around after the accident. A spokesman for Sorte du Quebec said collision patrol officers arrived at the scene to investigate the cause of the crash and began an investigation. There is no reason to believe that the van driver had any illicit intent. However, an innocent person died in yesterday’s tragic accident.

Detailed analysis of Lac Bouchette accident:

Shortly after 9:15 p.m., a pick-up truck carrying a trailer collided head-on with a group of three snowmobilers traveling on Route 155 in the small community of Lac Bouchette.

According to preliminary information, the three snowmobilers who were riding together wanted to cross the road.

The first two of them are moving cautiously, but unfortunately, a vehicle heading north caught the third snowmobile chasing it. This was stated by Sergeant Mereith Bolduk, spokesperson for Sorte du Québec (SQ).

What does a thorough investigation reveal?

An in-depth investigation into the Lac Bouchette accident, in which a snowmobile lost its life, is still ongoing. However, the identity of the deceased was not immediately known. Moreover, the van driver was not injured in the collision. But according to Sorte du Quebec (SQ), there were no marked crossings on the road where the collision took place.


Here we read the trendy report of the accident that happened in Lac Bouchette municipality. Unfortunately, one snowmobile died in the fatal incident and fortunately the driver of the van and other snowmobilers are safe and secure. The accident happened on April 3 at 9.00 pm in Lac Bouchette.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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