A Floppa Time Cube Raise

The player’s favorite Rise a Floppa game has some questions. So we present this article on A Floppa Time Cube Raise, which gives all the information here.

Do you play roblox games Have you heard of the game Raise a Floppa? Which part of the game do you like the most? Fortunately, the game is available again. Players from around the world took a break after the game resumed.

But do you know what happens if you have a time cube? Otherwise, we will discuss flopa time cube rays and see how you can go ahead and get a time cube.

A brief note on game summary:

The Rise a Flopa Game soon became a favorite among players with 71,000 members. Unfortunately, gamers were upset last week when their favorite game, Raise a Floppa, was dropped. A Twitter user caught the news of the game. However, the good news is that the game is back with an update and players can enjoy it and move on to their stories.

How to get a Floppa mysterious orb?

Mysterious Orb helps you to go to another dimension, the flopa dimension. So this is an upgrade of the game and if you have it adds an orb to the center of the house.

But to buy a mysterious orb you will need a solid time. As a result, you may find yourself at home. So, you are also wondering what is a time cube and how to get it? We have covered your doubts in the next section.

What is TimeCube?

Now you know that you need a time cube for a mysterious orb. But you also need a time cube to access the time machine. Flopa Time Cube Rise is a type of cube that can be used to retrieve items from a game.

How to get a time cube?

Here are the ways to get a time cube:


When you can get a time cube using the backroom, you save. So, to successfully reach the time cube in the back room, you need to escape from here without dying.

Ozzy Flopa:

The alternative to the time cube is the OG flopa. If you have 100% confidence in the altar, you can upgrade to OG Floppa. To get A Floppa’s Time Cube Rise in the game, you must defeat Ozzy Floppa’s Obi. First, you need to start a new chat with OF Floppa, then it will connect you directly to your home.

Briefly about Roblox’s Rise the Floppa:

Rise the Floppa is an online game created by Floppa # 1 on Roblox. The game was released on March 26, 2022 and has been a huge success since its first day of release. In addition, the game received over 6.1 million hits, with 153,602 players marking it as their favorite.


The Rise a Floppa game has become extremely popular throughout the month. The game has been removed, but luckily the game is back and we’re here to guide you through the floppy time cube risers. Alternatively, you can visit and play the Rise a Floppa game. https://www.roblox.com/games/9203864304/raise-a-floppa.


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