Vikramaditya Empire is Real Or Fake

In This Article, We will Elaborate on whether Is Vikramaditya Empire is Real Or Fake? Exposing the reality of “King Vikramaditya” Who is King Vikramaditya? Let’s Continue.

Who Is Vikramaditya?

King of Kings Chakravarti Maharaja Vikramaditya was one of the most powerful and powerful rulers of ancient India about 2066 years ago. Chandragupta Vikramaditya was the king of the Kaliang kingdom ruled by the Gupta dynasty whose capital was Ujjayani on the banks of the Shipra river.
King Vikramaditya was very famous for his bravery, courage and good nature. People always liked him because he was fair.

A brief explanation About Vikramaditya Empire

Vikramaditya’s wisdom to bring perfect justice to all resulted in him being invited to heaven by Lord Indra, the god of rain and thunder and king of all gods, to deliver perfect justice in a celestial dispute.

This king is believed to be a legend, but in fact he is a part of history and is also mentioned in the Puranas.

Several books of Vedic astrology written during his reign confirm her existence in the 1st century BC.

Vikram Saka (Age) started from 57 BC. As Vikrama Samvat in Vedic Almanacs.

It was one of the 9 jewels of the famous poet Kalidasa and astrologer Varaha Mihir palace.

Kalhana’s Rajatarangini (River of Kings), Vikramaditya’s contemporary Krishna Misra’s astrological treatise, Jyotishphala-Ratnamala, some reference to Bhavasya Purana, the recorded history of Nepal proves their existence with exact dates and years.

Frontiers of the Vikramaditya Empire

In this verse of the Bhavasya Purana, the other side of the Indus in the west. the bridge to the south; Badrinarayana in the Himalayas formed its northern border and the eastern city of Kapilvastu. These were the borders of Vikramaditya’s empire.

There are other instances which prove that they later crossed these borders to conquer other kingdoms.

Vikramaditya conquered the Middle East

After conquering Babylon, Iran, Turks, Vikramaditya was transferred to Arabia. When he conquered Arabia, he did so to the delight of the Jewish and Arab communities who hailed him as a savior. They showed great tolerance and respect for the religious beliefs and cultural traditions of other castes. These qualities earned him the respect and honor of all the people he ruled.

The victory over Arabia expressed all aspects of Vikramaditya’s conciliatory policy up to that point. He presented himself not as a conqueror, but as a savior and rightful heir to the crown. He bore the title of “King of Aryavarta and Savior of Arabs, Turks and Jews”.

9 jewels in the palace of Vikramaditya

Kalidasa is referred to by scholars as having nine jewels.
The grandeur of Vikramaditya’s palace:

  • Dhanwantari
  • Sapnakar
  • Amar Singh
  • packet
  • vetalbeven
  • ghatkarpara
  • I called
  • Varahamihira
  • selection

Vikramaditya empire real or fake

According to many later legends – particularly Jain legends – Vikramaditya founded the era by defeating the Sakas in 57 AD. and was later defeated by Salivahana, who founded the era in AD 78. Both myths are historically inaccurate.


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