Is TeamViewer Down

Is TeamViewer Down at this time Saturday 28 January 2023? List your location below and let us know what region you’re in so we can determine how common it is for TeamViewer outages to occur.

Check the comments section for updates if there is a global outage today and check with other TeamViewer users if the service is down.

About TeamViewer

TeamViewer is StatusGator’s monitoring IT solution since March 2020. Over the past 3 years or so we have collected data from over 215 crashes affecting TeamViewer users.

When TeamViewer publishes downtime on their status page, they do so in 13 elements with 4 different states: up, warning, down and maintenance, which we use to provide detailed uptime metrics and notifications.

Over 300 StatusGator users monitor to see when it’s closed, under maintenance, or down. This makes it one of the most popular IT services reviewed on our platform.

We have sent over 6,000 TeamViewer incident notifications to our users to provide transparency and security. You can sign up for a free StatusGator account to receive notifications.

TeamViewer connection problem

TeamViewer status is currently the most popular choice for remote access software and is used seamlessly by many homes and businesses to manage day-to-day transactions.

However, sometimes websites have issues, and recently we noticed that hundreds of users are facing TeamViewer connection issues, with bugs appearing at worst.

Is TeamViewer Down


HTTPS Encryption HTTPS Encrypted.

Is TeamViewer secure?

Yes, is safe according to Google Safe Browsing.

How to fix down or outage issues

We tried to ping through our servers and the servers responded in time, indicating that there is no problem with at this time.

If is also down for you, the server may be overloaded or unavailable due to network issues, outages, or website maintenance.

If is on us but you can’t access it, try these solutions:

  • Refresh the entire site browser by pressing CTRL + F5 keys simultaneously in your browser.
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache
  • Fix DNS problems by deleting your local DNS cache to ensure you get the latest cache from your ISP

Connection speed

TeamViewer uses your Internet connection to transfer data to a remote computer. A faster download speed is recommended or lag will occur. Remote computers upload simultaneously. Therefore, your computer can receive information as fast as other computers can send it. Try not to use the Internet while TeamViewer is running and limit access to other devices that share the network.


The resolution of the remote computer plays a big role in the display. Higher resolution means more detail, and that detail takes longer to transmit over the Internet. Resolution is not a problem on the controlling computer, especially if you have a modern PC. Right-click on the desktop and click “Screen Resolution”. Drag the bar towards the center or down and click Apply to confirm.


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Written by Prince Rai

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