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Every day many people are looking for freelance data entry jobs. Google Search is full of different types of data entry jobs. The problem with many such websites is that more than 99% of them are not genuine. Is is real or fake? Or is Freelancedataentryjob a legit place to work? review aims to help you understand how this and other similar websites work. Answer to the question: Is is real or fake?

Freelancedataentryjob is not a real website, stay away from them and never share your information with them. Read the full article to better understand why this site is invalid.

What is

Freelancedataentryjob is a website that offers data entry jobs worldwide, but its main market is South Asia. According to this site, working on their site is very easy and anyone can make Rs. 10/15 per data entry. This is an amazing offer.

The benefits of working at FreelanceDataEntryJobs are mentioned on their website, Work from home, Mobile supported, Get daily online jobs, Rs. Earn 10-15/entry, no penalty, and weekly payment options, multiple payment methods etc.

All members need to do is sign up today, complete simple tasks, and start earning money from day one. All promises on the Freelancedataentryjob site are bogus. No one needs to make a single penny on this website.

Freelancing – Fixed Cost Vs. per hour

Not only can a freelancer choose the size of the project they want to bid on (small short-term projects or large long-term projects), but they can also choose hourly or fixed-price work.

Fixed-cost projects have a fixed cost regardless of how long it takes the freelancer to complete. The advantage is that employers know how much the project costs and freelancers know how much money they will make. Usually, payment is made at the end of the project, but if the project is longer than a week or month, the freelancer can request payment at a set point during the work process.

For hourly jobs, employers can set a fixed hourly rate and include it in the job description, with freelancers paid for the number of hours worked. For employers’ safety, the platform has a freelancer tracking application to log freelancers’ working hours and clients can take screenshots to monitor project progress.

Freelance professional

  • Businesses can save a lot of money by hiring freelance workers and not paying for benefits, sick leave, vacations, or training.
  • Freelancers on the site have the freedom to schedule their own hours.
  • Freelancer is the largest freelancing platform, giving freelancers more jobs and employers access to more professionals to complete their projects.
  • Various services are offered at Freelancer, which makes it easy for employers to complete projects in all fields.
  • Freelancer competitions offer employers a variety of project solutions, and freelancers can earn money if they win by submitting rough ideas that they can later refine so they don’t take up unnecessary time. .
  • The 10 percent fee is reasonable and low compared to many other freelance sites.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  • When freelancers are new to the platform, they may not be making as much money as they should – often below minimum wage.
  • High hourly project costs.
  • Fees must be paid before freelancers are paid.
  • Freelancers can apply for up to 8 jobs per month under the free membership plan.
  • Your account may be banned without giving any reason.

How do freelancers work?

Whether you’re a freelancer or an employer, the first step to getting started on is to sign up for an account using your email address and password or your Facebook account. You must be at least 18 years of age (or 16 with adult consent and supervision).

Next, complete your profile — for freelancers, listing your skills and adding a photo of yourself is key to landing the job. You can also take the test to prove your aptitude and view the results. Once approved, employers can post projects and access freelancers Real or Fake?

The more specific your freelance skills, the more likely you are to land a high-paying project with less competition. However, the broader your skills, the more projects you are eligible for. An ideal freelancer has a wide range of specialized skills.

A few things are concerned, such as the slightly intrusive verification process and lack of freelancer screening, Freelancer is still a very viable option for freelance website work and offers the highest fees compared to freelancer platforms. Selection of freelancers and employers.


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Written by Prince Rai

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