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Guide Rita Dominic and her new boyfriend, Fidelis Anosike ex-wife share details, read on for details.

Are you a fan of famous Nigerian actress Rita Dominic? If you follow her on Instagram, you probably know that she recently married Fidelis Anosike, editor of the Daily Times. The actress shared an Instagram post with a photo of her boyfriend and confirmed their commitment on April 5, 2022.

Immediately after the publication, his fans took a close look at the Nigerian entrepreneur and publisher of the Daily Times. All his fans in the USA, Nigeria and the UK are searching online to learn more about the entrepreneur and ex-wife of Fidelis Anosike.

About Fidelis Anosike and her wedding!

Fidelis Anosike is a well-known Nigerian entrepreneur and publisher of the national newspaper The Daily Times. He is from Ambo

According to sources, Fidelis Anosike is already married to two different women. However, the divorce separated the two. However, the entrepreneur did not name his two ex-wives. He had been married twice and both marriages failed and they broke up.

Fidelis Anosike Net worth and career!

Fidelis Anosike is the publisher, entrepreneur and founder of Folio Media Group. He is a 56-year-old successful Nigerian entrepreneur who graduated from Benin University. Today he owns several businesses and is the publisher of the Daily Times Nigeria, a national newspaper.

The estimated net worth of an entrepreneur ranges from 1 million to $ 2 million. However, this is an estimate from some sources and not a definite net asset. Therefore, we cannot yet confirm the net worth of the entrepreneur. Following this announcement, Rita’s fans now want to know who Fidelis Anosike is.

Fidelis Anosike’s personal life – is he married before!

Nigerian actress Rita Dominic recently announced her engagement to Nigerian publisher and entrepreneur Fidelis Anosike on April 5th. Shortly after the announcement, people began digging into Fidelis Anosike’s personal life.

She also stated that he would be her husband and that they finally got married on April 19, 2022, according to the wiki page. After this news, all his fans were shocked and they started looking for more details and they wanted to know if Fidelis Anosike is already married.

So, Rita Dominic is not his first wife because he has been married twice before and divorced before.

However, the names and details of his ex-wives have not been released, so we cannot share the details of his previous marriages.


Rita Dominic recently made a shocking announcement on her official Instagram page. She surprised her fans by announcing her long awaited engagement to her boyfriend, Fidelis Anosike.

Following this news, all her fans started searching for the publisher and entrepreneur and they were looking for Fidelis Anosike X’s wife. However, it has been revealed that Fidelis Anosic had already been married twice and divorced before marrying Rita.


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